Worth Upgrading to V5?

Hi guys, I’ve been using Sambapos V4 with most module purchased (customer report, backup tool, etc) and has been using it alright with my 2006 mac book (a bit slow sometimes, but probably old macbook’s fault).

Anyway, I’m moving the another location soon with new menus and everything and I’m thinking if now is a good time for upgrade to V5.

Is there a quick summary thread on what’s on V5 and not on V4? is it mainly new features? easier to use? or better optimasation and thus could be faster on my old Macbook ?

What’s your main reason for upgrading V4 to V5 ? To make sure everything’s up to date and to minimise running into bugs? (not that I’ve run into a major one yet) ? or any other reason ?

Check out the features compilation and the release threads it explains the differences. They are simply too vast to list them all. V5 has tremendous capability that v4 never had. The biggest is probably the scripting.


Yes V4 is really a complete solution for most common cases. If you don’t have a reason to update keep going with V4 might be a good decision. However V5 have…

  • Better overall performance.
  • Dark Theme support.
  • Improved Navigation.
  • Improved Inventory Tracking & Cost Calculation features.
  • Mapping inventory transactions to supplier accounts.
  • Improved Custom Reports.
  • Retries connecting to SQL Server when a temp SQL Server connection issue occurs.
  • JScript support for advanced customization needs.
  • Task Editor for improved Kitchen Displays.
  • Browser Printer for improved Customer Displays.
  • Supports more customization features.
  • You’ll support SambaPOS development for even more…

Reviewing V5 tutorials will give some more idea about new uses. If you need more detailed explanation you can find even more info here.

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