Would a change message Ask Question hold back the ticket closing flow?

Am curious as to would a Ask Question hold off the closing flow of a ticket?

On my PMS intergration I am getting the odd ticket being missed. I cannot find a pattern or anything connecting them other than they seem to potentially be in quieter periods.
My thought at the minute is that since my scripts look for the final payment date value of closed tickets that perhaps in the rare occasion the ask question is left up on the second till for long enough that the script interval (curently half hour periods with a 5 minute delay - tickets with last payment 5-35 minutes ago).

I have not had opertunity to test this theory as having a till untouched for 35 minutes is obviously tricky at the times that I am at the hotel but just woundered if what I am saying makes sence?

@emre I know its been requested before but maybe in V6 could we look to add some form of default time out value for ask question prompts? Like a field for time delay and a field for value.
So you could say after 30 seconds close prompt with value cancel or ok.