After ending a work period then starting a new one the order numbers are continuing instead of starting from 1

Hi guys, after ending a work period then starting a new one the order numbers are continuing from last order number instead of starting from 1.

Is this common in v5 or is it something that I need to set?

Found this as you mentioned it has been covered many times. Can you advise if the below should work for V5 as I found it on a V3 forum. Does this also have the duplicate implications as discussed in some of these threads.

Hello; While implementing some other SambaPOS features I’ve noticed we can create a counter that resets everyday…

Let me describe how it can be done:

Action for Increasing the counter

  • Create a new action, Name it as “Increase daily counter” and the Action Type will be “Update Program Setting”
  • Setting Name will be ORDERNUMBER
  • Setting Value is 1
  • Update Type is Increase
  • IsLocal = False

Action for Tagging Ticket with Current Counter Number

  • Create a new action, Name it as “Tag Ticket With Counter Number”, Action type is “Update Ticket Tag”
  • Tag Name will be Order No
  • Tag Value will be {:ORDERNUMBER} . That means Tag Value will be equal to current ORDERNUMBER setting.

Action for Resetting Counter

  • Create a new Action, Name it as “Reset Daily Counter” and the Action type is “Update Program Setting”
  • Setting Name = ORDERNUMBER
  • Setting Value = 0
  • Update Type = UPDATE
  • IsLocal = False

These are the required actions now we’ll create rules for defining how these actions will work.

Rule for Giving Next Number to Ticket

  • Create a new rule, Name it as “Give Ticket Number” and select “Ticket Created” event.
  • Click “Select Actions”. Choose “Increase Daily Number” and “Tag Ticket with Counter Number”

This rule will increase the number and tag ticket with that number.

Rule For Resetting Counter

  • Create a new rule, Name it as “Reset counter on End of Day”, and select “Work Period Ended” event.
  • Click Select Actions. Choose “Reset Daily Counter”.

This rule will reset counter when you end the work period.

For printing that number use {TICKETTAG:Order No} value tag. You can add that number to a printer template header or create a new template for printing a small paper that shows the customer order number…

Usong ticket tag is just a visual reference number, doesnt effect automation or database so no issues with duplicates.
The way to setup in v5 will be much the same as it was for v4 or v3.

Thanks a million for clarifying :slight_smile: