Bump Bar for Kitchen display

Yes they are the part of the layout.


Hi All,

I am in the midst of setting up a database from scratch and learning as I go. I have imported the zip files that @qmckay had provide and also ensure that the Task Printer has been added with a “.”

The “itemType” tag created and “Food” and “Drink” filled in accordingly. I am unsure and having difficulties with the following : -

  1. Dragging all the icons on the layout to their location as per your screen. I must say I am not familiar with the layout settings and the little boxes that appears when you click a button.
  2. Do not get any tickets on the KD screen when a order is placed

Noticed the status tag is not updated on the items within the ticket ie:“Fnotprinted” etc.

Would appreciate guidance on where I should start with troubleshooting although i strongly think getting the screen layout right should be priority

Thanks in advance

@satianv I remember I had the same problem. The database tools files linked above have a problem that the KD screen widgets are not aligned properly due I believe to a bug in the SambaPOS version that was used at the time to export them. I fixed it myself before and have exported fixed DB tools files - they are identical in every way to the original - please use these below, they should work:

BB_EntityScreen_TaskType_Printer_Automation.zip (4.1 KB)

BB_KDStatus_KDPrinting.zip (1.2 KB)


Hmm Mark, unfortunately its the same problem. The screen layout is completely off as shown in your post when you faced this problem. Any ideas?

I know I had the same probelm but fixed it. I forgot what I did exactly but I know I played with the layout designer a bit.

What version of SambaPOS do you have installed?

If not done already, try to upgrade to latest V5.1.62 and import again. Tbe issue I had was also related to a bug in import / export that was fixed in latest release.

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5.162 installed and tried the import again with same result. Also deleted the database, started from scratch and tried again to achieve same outcome. Sorry I keep troubling you with this… Maybe I just need to sort out the layout myself.

Please double check you are using v5.1.62 as seen on title bar. And also double check you are using the import files I uploaded and not the original ones (note the filenames are the same!).

See below, on v5.1.62 I just created a fresh DB and imported those 2 files, and the entity screen imports fine:


That worked… I was running 5.162 but had to uninstall… delete setting files and reinstall. This helped to get the screen layout going. Thanks again Mark

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Didnt have to uninstall. You could have just deleted your Layout folder :stuck_out_tongue:

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Learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

Please tell me if this is something I should post as a new topic, I have spent the last hours cracking my head on figuring out why nothing appears on the BB display screen when an order is created.

I have made sure “Food” and “Drink” “ItemType” tag (note matched to Automation). Checked the printer port has “.” in the field.

Ideas on where else I should be looking? Additional note : Status on the order Items are updated accurately.

Thanks in advance

  1. Did you create the ItemType tag in Manage > Settings > Program Settings > General Settings “Product Tag Captions” and checked the case is the same as in the rules? It is case sensitive.
  2. Have you assigned relevant products to the ItemType tag - you can do this on individual products under “Custom Tag”, or update all quickly using Manage > Products > Product Tag Editor.
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Hi Mark,

Question 1 - Yes this is what I did, and confirmed that the cases are matched to the rule. (did read this thread and noticed that the case sensitivity was discussed)

Question 2 - Yes assigned, i did do it individually but got there in the end. and the assigned ItemType was “Food” and “Drink”

Please see attached screenshots confirming the above.ItemType.zip (21.9 KB)

Next time just upload the PNG file directly so it displays on the site, rather than zipping then attaching the zip.

Here is the screenshot that was posted by satianv

Thanks Mark, will take that advise.

Any ideas for next steps in troubleshooting? I guess I can run through all the rules/actions and tasks again one at a time in worst case scenario, trying to avoid it if possible.

Slightly different topic but was just thinking if there was a cheaper way of creating a physical ‘bump bar’ using say a numerical keypad and relabling the keys and mapping the keys to functions?

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Bump Bar just acts as a keyboard, so you can use a numeric keypad and map the relevant number keys to automation commands.

I thought that would’ve the case.

how to make orders in one line for one table as it split like table number one time on top below that products and should be able to delete the product one by one and when there is no product under the table then table should disappear automatically how to do this from bb bump bar kitchen display