Calculation mapping

Request for calculation mapping to product, like tax. So we can use calculation like discount for spesific product.
The idea mapping like a tax template mapping

You can work around that now with product tags, set one up as Discount Allowed. Then go into each product that you want to allow discount and set that field to YES

In your discount rule at the constraint { ITEM TAG:Discount Allowed } equals YES

Discount will now only be applied to the products on the ticket that have their Discount Allowed field set to YES

Heres the original tutorial:


Yes, i have been try it, but discount calculation not function,
I use discount from total amount all ticket, and there some product never give to discount.
If there is feature like tax mapping its very nice to solved it

Then you have configured something incorrectly, setup right it will only provide discount on the items where the product tag is set to yes

Show screenshots of the entire setup (rules and actions) and we can see where the error is

There isnt any mapping feature at the moment to do what you want

Is that right? Discount is ticket level so wouldnt you you do something using a report expression to either count or work out the total of the orders given the tag or whatever?

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Ah yes your probably right i wasnt thinking right about the way to do it with tags

Use order tags for product specific discounts.

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