Caller ID Set Up - US Robotic 56K USB Modem Model USR5637


Can you please help to find out if the modem US Robotic 56K USB Modem Model USR5637 can support the caller id function to be used in the samba pos software in our restaurant.

The specifications of the modem in the US robotics website says it supports voice but when i used it says only ring, ring, ring. I am unable to enter the string command.

Please help.

You need Caller ID display support not voice.

This post might help

For the voice feature you will need to update the firmware.
update the firmware and it should work.
Also ensure your telephone line supports Caller ID (double check with Telephone company)

‡ Voice features require voice firmware available at

Firmware Version 1.2.23 - Includes Voice‡

Firmware release notes:
Fixed CID/RING detect failure

Modem Specification:
• Data: V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23, and V.21
• Data Error Control/Compression: V.44/V.42/V42bis and MNP2-4/5
• Fax: EIA 578 (Class 1) with V.17, V.29, V.27ter, Group 3
• ITU-T V.253 Command Set
• V.80 video conferencing support
• DTE interface: USB Version 2.0
• USB powered
:black_small_square: Typical current from USB supply = 240 mA (1.2W)
:black_small_square: Maximum current from USB supply = 360 mA (1.8W)
•Caller ID and distinctive ring (require service from your local phone
company/Caller ID


I have installed the firmware and also got the confirmation from the manufacturer that the modem supports caller id.

I am unable to type in the putty terminal, it does not accept anything that i try to type. But it is detecting the ring when i call the phone.

Can you please help me with entering the commands of activating the caller id in the putty terminal.

can you check below link, there are detail steps/screen on how to test using putty

I used this command, after the second ring it says MESG=80080.

Is 80800 is the correct phone number?

That might be an issue related with this.

80800 is not the correct number.

I just checked with the telephone company, they say that the service is enabled. In support to that, when a call comes to my telephone, it displays the number from which the call is coming.

The POS application says that access to port COM3 is denied.

You have to close putty before running sambapos to free com3.

I’ve searched support manuals for you and found that +VCID=1 command enables caller id.

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