Can someone help me to Create a Simple Takeaway Department

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Please take some time to rewrite your question and actually ask a question. By reading the discussion you posted I have no clue what you need. That discussion was solved. Be detailed and if your going to link a prior discussion then explain what part of the discussion you have a question about.

In fact its not a good idea to link a prior discussion its best to just ask your question in detail.

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Thanks Kendash, but what i am looking for is a step by step toturial on how to create departments such as Takeaway, Delivery etc for my setup.

OK so I would have never guessed that with the question you posted. I hope you can see why it is important to be detailed and why doing continuing discussion questions is not a good idea.

We do not have a specific tutorial for just how to create departments but we do have tutorials for Delivery that show the exact process you should be able to do it if you follow that tutorial. I am going to link a v5 tutorial a lot of it wont work in v4 but it might give you an idea. To create a specific department flow you simply create a department and use the Mapping portion of the Entity Screens, rules, etc to map it only to that department.

To sum up your question though you simply create your departments and use the Mapping feature for Rules, Entity Screens, Print Jobs to set them for a specific department only.