Unable to Hold/Close Take Away Ticket without taking payment

I have two departments:

1 Restaurant and 1 is Takeaway

The Restaurant department is set to Select Entity (Which is set to my table layout)

The Take Away department is set to Create Ticket (As we don’t need a table selection)

However on the takeaway department it does not seem possible to Close the order or put it on hold until the customer arrives and pays.

This problem did not exist on v2?

You should assign an entity (customer, table) or ticket tag to be able to close ticket without receiving payment. I suggest you to assign a customer to the ticket so you can find his ticket easily when customer arrives.

Hi Emre,

Thanks for your prompt response.

Selecting a entity or customer can make the process of taking a simple order at the till take longer, so just wanted to be able to take a order and place on hold/close until the customer decided to pay.

On the take away department am I able to set it to automatically select a ticket tag to reduce the users input?

Also I am unable to move a Take Away ticket to a Table?

We have different options but if you let me know how you’re planning to find tickets back (by customer name, ticket id, etc) I can recommend better solution.

On my current live setup I am running SambaPOS 2.98 with 2 Departments:

1 Restaurant
2 Take Away

On the Restaurant department we select a table and place order on hold etc.(Just like in SambaPOS 4).
On the Takeaway department we enter the order in straight away and press HOLD. When the customer turns up we then click on ALL TICKETS button which displays the open unpaid tickets.

I can’t seem to achieve this in SambaPOS 4 and also cannot move Take Away Open tickets to a table if the customer then decides to eat in.

Your help will be appreciated or I wont be able to move to SambaPOS 4 :frowning:

Question 1

Create new ticket tag and name it as Hold.

Add a single tag as shown.

Since we want to use this function on Take Away department map it to Take Away.

Now when you create a new ticket on take away department you’ll see Hold button.

Clicking Hold button will tag ticket as Hold and you’ll be able to close ticket.

You can also click hold buttton when there is no active ticket on screen. In this case SambaPOS will display open tickets tagged as hold.

###Question 2

On these screen shots you’ll notice I can see “Select Customer” button but it is not enabled because there is no Customer selection entity screen mapped to “Take Away” department.

Map Select Customer screen to Take Away department.

Now select customer button is enabled.

 Please create individual posts for multiple questions so it will be easier to follow. Thanks.

Thanks for your detailed write up which was easy to follow. I can now assign Take Away tickets to Tables or put them on Hold.

Hello @emre, I was able to successfully implement the ticket hold as described but i noticed that when enabled the Print Bill function is disabled when i try to re-open the ticket . I want to be able to Hold a Ticket and Print Bill when i re-open the ticket. Thanks

Check mapping of related automation command and be sure Enabled States is empty. (not *)

Hello @emre

If i open the hold tickets, i need to manually void the items. Is there anyway to clear all the items at once ?

you can select all the orders then click the void or cancel button to void or remove the orders from the ticket all at once. if you want to cancel the whole transaction there is an abort setup that @Jesse created. This cancels all orders on the ticket and closes the ticket, you can then just start a new ticket


You are a Hero.

One more thing quickly

I have two terminals… If I tag the ticket the ticket with Hold, I do not want to see that in another terminal. How can I do that ?

Can you map that hold rule to a terminal? or the screen that displays hold tickets to only show on one terminal using mappings?

im not too sure as ive not done this setup :slight_smile:


Any idea how to solve this issue ?

I set up a customer name called “pick up” then you can close the ticket, you can also use the ‘ticket note’ field to set the time when they want to pick it up so that the kitchen knows when the order will need to be ready for collection. that was in version 2.99

@shmoulana can you explain why you want this behavior. Most people would want all terminals to show its on hold?

there is any way to click close and NOT to send the orders to printers? and after I deselect hold, the close button will work like normal again?

Yes it is easy to solve. Basically you’ll toggle a ticket state and implement constraints for printing rules that will work according to that state.