Cashup Screen sambapos v5

anyone here???

just tried to upload @RickH setup but i keep getting the following error

Your downloads folder doesn’t give SQL permission, move location or search for nt service.

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Or use microsoft management studio to install the backup thats what i need to do when i transfer database to anojer machine

Moved to DB_bak folder and worked perfectly.


READ. Import the file I attached. I left instructions in my post on how to do this.


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This is the number one best way to NOT receive help via the forum… :wink:

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lol how do change layout

which loayout? where? to what? from what? from who?

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do you still have end the period or can you do it from this screen

Do it from that screen, the big green button that says click here to close

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how do you make that layout.?

sorry, cant help but chuckle LOL

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how do make as this default workperiod and change it to gbp?

The screenshot is in GBP… not following that one.

You mean instead of normal work period screen? Not tried but guessing you would need to take out the default work period custom nav menu tile and make a new one to go to that entity screen…
If I were doing that would maybe not take out default tile just encase and maybe map to admin only.

how do you get rid of the tab (workperiods)??

i want to change usd to gbp?

Cant help much on changing the currency but the entity screen is because you have it mapped as a table entity screen by the looks of it.

@QMcKay i remember you posted an addition to your green work period open close button shown above to show numbers of tickets still open. I cant find your post of how to do that do you have the link handy?

Sounds very similar to the custom nav screen I copied few weeks ago :slight_smile:

How do you make it caculate 1p 2p 20p and also how do make pretty cash and just one credit card