Changing Table Button Captions

Yes you are correct Shivan been tackling this one for a while, when i use new orders display format using the script REPORT TICKET DETAILS and use the state display format on Entity Screens, when i close work period and start a new one the picture shows the details above and from what i can gather it’s possible by using change ticket properties by searching and reading the posts - i just can’t figure it out. any help would be appreciated.


i must apologise if i am not explaining it right as i am extremely tired through running my business, spending 15 hours a day working every day and then trying to make sure my marriage does not get forgotten about and trying to finish of the pos system by trying to do it myself as a learning process and then spend what other little time sleeping… rant over - sorry guys

So you need to have a state that has blank formatting and change it to that state on WP close. It’s staying there because state has not updated. You must update state to something for state to change.

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Hi Kendash Thanks for Replying, i have tried what you said but i don’t know if i am using the right rules and actions - got to the point i had rules and actions all over the place so i reverted back to a backup as i am newbie at this i quickly learned that altering 1 rule could affect many more, so i gave up i am leaving it till someone can kindly explain or show tutorial for it as or when they have the time - it’s quite frustrating when it’s the only one i don’t really understand. So because i have had various errors with system and it’s took me along time to put it right i will leave it to someone who knows the way around it,

Just a quick Suggestion as well do you think it’s possible to have a tickbox in settings to allow the login screen where the Logo sits maybe a non responsive window displaying all open tickets ( just to view only ) in that window so to speak, if i am not explaining myself i do apologise.

Thanks for your help

Have you looked in the tickets screen? it defaults to open tickets for today…
There is an action to get to this screen so you can make your own button to get a list of open tickets…

How to display guest count numbers?

@emre How can i display Ticket Tags on tables ?
i already have this
" $1
<size 20>{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount: (TEN.Masalar=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0}TL / {ENTITY STATE MINUTES:Status} Dakika / "

I need it to tag the waiters …

Here all possible fields that can be used with {REPORT TICKET DETAILS} tag.

  EN.<entity type>                    Entity Name
  EC.<entity type>.<field name>       Entity Custom Field Value
  TS.<state name>                     Ticket State
  TT.<tag group name>                 Ticket Tag Value
  CA.<calculation type name>          Calculation Amount
  PA.<payment account name>           Payment Amount 
  T.Department                        Department Name
  T.TicketType                        Ticket Type Name
  T.User                              User Name
  T.Date                              Ticket Date  
  T.Time                              Ticket Time
  T.Terminal                          Terminal Name
  T.Tax                               Total Tax Amount
  T.TotalAmount                       Total Amount
  T.RemainingAmount                   Remaining Amount

So you can try {REPORT TICKET TAGS:TT.<tag name>:<expression>}

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I tried it like this cuz i dont know how to use the code template ;
{REPORT TICKET TAGS:TT.<Garson>:<Garson 1,Garson 2}
But useless.
EDIT: Çocuğumu keserim, help pls :stuck_out_tongue:

Remove the <> from tagname.
Also expression is wrong

Sure i made the changes but i dont know what expression must be too …

Did you read the link he gave? It explains expressions in detail.

Unfortunately, yes i did. But i dont know SQL or how to code other things. And i actually dont sure about is it possible or not. So if anyone can tell adding the ticket tag to table view is possible or not i can try it more. But i already tried so many combinations about it. The problem is like i said i dont know about coding. Im kinda an end user. And i just need a Tutorial about it i guess.

That was a tutorial and it explained how to do it. That is not sql and it is not programming its instructions on how to use the tags. What part of the expression instructions did you try?

Yes its possible and emre gave yiu the tag to use.

I dont think it is a tutorial, its kinda how to code things, i mean an end user do not need “how to code” , u must present “how to do thing” i saw thousands of tuts till today and i can obviously can say its not a tut. I appreciate it, Thanks for wasting time with me.

-off topic-
And u guys must integrate the huge points to samba at new versions, there must be buttons to activate them or deactive. For ex. Package Delivery , must be included,Owner Discounts, this view states must be included,WYSIWUG logic must be here. @emre

Its not coding. Its instructions and examples with detailed explanation of how to use custom reports. Not everuthing can be buttons you press. If you take the time to look at it you will find its not that hard to understand the instructions.

What part of it did you try? You saw the examples and you saw the list of available expressions?


Yasin people likes SambaPOS because of customization possibilities. We tried releasing pre-built databases but it is really hard for people to understand complex configurations and customize it for their own needs… So instead of giving people a zip file that contains everything we release the base configuration and help people to understand how to customize it by writing tutorials, writing documents or answering questions. It takes more time for us but people who wants to learn can learn and benefit from customization features. Even we release pre-built stuff none of them will contain keeping waiter as a ticket tag and displaying them on table buttons so you need to tell SambaPOS how to display waiter names. It is not coding. It is using a special syntax implemented to customize captions. If you learn that syntax you’ll use it while preparing your own custom reports or customizing SambaPOS to do custom things while creating tickets. Otherwise everytime you need to change something you need to ask to forum and expect someone to do it for you.


Thans for explanation, I got it, this is ur how we work thing. And yes it has a nice logic, i get it now. I will try to understand it more. I hope i can.


Feel free to ask where you can’t understand.

The idea is…

  1. You can display anything on table button captions. For example if you write {TIME} it displays time.
  2. You can fetch any (almost) data from SambaPOS by using Custom Report Syntax.

so you can fetch ticket tags via Custom Report Tags and display it on table button captions. If you get familiar with custom reports and follow table button tutorial you’ll understand a lot of things that will be useful while customizing other parts of SambaPOS.

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I dont know writing messages here is right or not , maybe i must use the pm but, this is kinda step by step learning :slight_smile:

After reading the link which u gave me, i saw this code is working at this table view .
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount: (TEN.Masalar=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0}

Then i thought it must be like this;

Now for this template{REPORT TICKET TAGS:TT.<tag name>:<expression>}
I understand it like that,

1-) {REPORT TICKET TAGS} is the syntax.
2-) TT. or TT.Garsonlar is my necessary tag.
3-) The expression thing is something like this (TT=Garson 1) or maybe (TT=$1)

With the 3 steps i created this one {REPORT TICKET TAGS:TT.Garson: (TT=$1)}
and this one {REPORT TICKET TAGS:TT.Garson: (TT=Garson 1)}

And the result is not positive. What am i missing ?

Try this.

{REPORT TICKET TAGS:TT.Garson:(TEN.Masalar=$1)} 

Yes posting publicly is the right thing to do.

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