Changing Table Button Captions

{REPORT ENTITY DETAIL:'<br/>Account Balance\: {ENTITY ACCOUNT BALANCE:{ENTITY NAME}}<br/>Credit Limit\: $'+[EC.Credit Limit]:(EN={ENTITY NAME}) AND E.AccountId > 0}

BTW i had to escape the colons for them to show up. Thats why you see \:

PS: @QMcKay check out those Tag Nestings! lol


Yes was shouting that - seriously, I am humbled AND works on 1 State across all Entities :sunglasses:

EDIT: You even manage to merge 2 lines into 1 - Credit Limits & Account Balances!


I didnt even know we could do that until just now when I tried it lol. I first thought it didnt work until I figured out to escape the :

Slightly tweaked to add dollar signs:

{REPORT ENTITY DETAIL:'<br/>Account Balance\: ${ENTITY ACCOUNT BALANCE:{ENTITY NAME}}<br/>Credit Limit\: $'+[EC.Credit Limit]:(EN={ENTITY NAME}) AND E.AccountId > 0}


That’s why @emre see’s you as a Leader (and not to mention the rest of us!)

OK, starting to rack up some beers at your place, in fact I going to study the code so "is 12 noon too early to crack a coldie?"
ummm - Pulled Pork washed down with ice cold beer :yum:

PS: I will try and document this the best I can for appreciation of others.


I do Turkeys this time of year in the USA :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a great discover and also validates my nested tag prioritization code worked. Thank you very much for that @kendash.

By .55 release you can also use E.Balance field. That will read balance a little more efficiently.


Is there a way it can display the user name? Thanks


There is {CURRENTUSER} tag. But you probably have to use ticket tag to store User when ticket created


That would be {:CURRENTUSER} :wink:


We format display with that expression.

<bold>$1</bold><br/>{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount.Sum:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0}

So try using T.User instead of T.RemainingAmount.


Hi Guys just looking for an update - is there a way now to display ENTITY BUTTON CAPTIONS using {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:} so when you close a Work Period and then reopen it the entity button appears as if was on the previous Work Period instead of…

If so could someone please help me… Thank You in Advance


Really having a hard time understanding your question.


I think his staying that after he closes his work period and re opens work period, the entity screen captions stays stuck on what the screen shot is showing. He wants to change its behaviour so it doesnt show that


Yes you are correct Shivan been tackling this one for a while, when i use new orders display format using the script REPORT TICKET DETAILS and use the state display format on Entity Screens, when i close work period and start a new one the picture shows the details above and from what i can gather it’s possible by using change ticket properties by searching and reading the posts - i just can’t figure it out. any help would be appreciated.


i must apologise if i am not explaining it right as i am extremely tired through running my business, spending 15 hours a day working every day and then trying to make sure my marriage does not get forgotten about and trying to finish of the pos system by trying to do it myself as a learning process and then spend what other little time sleeping… rant over - sorry guys


So you need to have a state that has blank formatting and change it to that state on WP close. It’s staying there because state has not updated. You must update state to something for state to change.


Hi Kendash Thanks for Replying, i have tried what you said but i don’t know if i am using the right rules and actions - got to the point i had rules and actions all over the place so i reverted back to a backup as i am newbie at this i quickly learned that altering 1 rule could affect many more, so i gave up i am leaving it till someone can kindly explain or show tutorial for it as or when they have the time - it’s quite frustrating when it’s the only one i don’t really understand. So because i have had various errors with system and it’s took me along time to put it right i will leave it to someone who knows the way around it,

Just a quick Suggestion as well do you think it’s possible to have a tickbox in settings to allow the login screen where the Logo sits maybe a non responsive window displaying all open tickets ( just to view only ) in that window so to speak, if i am not explaining myself i do apologise.

Thanks for your help


Have you looked in the tickets screen? it defaults to open tickets for today…
There is an action to get to this screen so you can make your own button to get a list of open tickets…


How to display guest count numbers?


@emre How can i display Ticket Tags on tables ?
i already have this
" $1
<size 20>{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount: (TEN.Masalar=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0}TL / {ENTITY STATE MINUTES:Status} Dakika / "

I need it to tag the waiters …


Here all possible fields that can be used with {REPORT TICKET DETAILS} tag.

  EN.<entity type>                    Entity Name
  EC.<entity type>.<field name>       Entity Custom Field Value
  TS.<state name>                     Ticket State
  TT.<tag group name>                 Ticket Tag Value
  CA.<calculation type name>          Calculation Amount
  PA.<payment account name>           Payment Amount 
  T.Department                        Department Name
  T.TicketType                        Ticket Type Name
  T.User                              User Name
  T.Date                              Ticket Date  
  T.Time                              Ticket Time
  T.Terminal                          Terminal Name
  T.Tax                               Total Tax Amount
  T.TotalAmount                       Total Amount
  T.RemainingAmount                   Remaining Amount

So you can try {REPORT TICKET TAGS:TT.<tag name>:<expression>}

How to add Ticket Tags To Table View (New Order State)