Changing Table Button Captions


This works:

{CALL:custom.formatEntityMinutes('{ENTITY STATE MINUTES:Status}')}
function formatEntityMinutes(entityMinutes) {
	if (entityMinutes.length > 0) {
		return '<br/><color Red>' + entityMinutes + ' min</color>';
	else {
		return '';

Result (note I altered script slightly than from above - I have <br/> before the function call now and removed it from the function as I think it looked better):


Did you missed this?


I saw it but didn’t realise it worked in entity display format. Works a treat, thanks!

<if '{ENTITY STATE MINUTES:Status}'!=''><color Red>{ENTITY STATE MINUTES:Status} min</color></if>


how can i download 5.1.62


This is the latest release