Changing Table Button Captions


I took the link to your dB out of public view if we ask for it feel free to pm it.


Are you looking my database? You want it from private?


:slight_smile: Well Omer nobody will review your database to find issues. You know what you need and if you properly explain your issue people will gladly answer your questions. Adding screen shots of the issue and your configuration will help.

btw if you need someone to fix your issues you can call SambaPOS office and talk with @mehmet or create an Ad topic to receive paid peer to peer support.


Sorry… i found the reason. When i setup 5.1.60 it did not start. How can i use 5.1.56? İ get this


Download and install 5.1.60. Installation will upgrade your DB to the latest version and SambaPOS will then load properly.


i dont want to use 5.1.60. how can i turn back my database to 5.1.56


You cannot rollback a DB upgrade. You will need to restore it from backup.

For what reason do you not want to use .60 ?


it have problem with .60


Really? I don’t think so. That topic is referenced to show you how to change Button Captions. This is not incompatible with .60 … anyone else verify this?

Show your Template Code for the Entity.


That is not a .60 issue. Its a configuration issue. You made a mistake but you want us to fix it for you. We cant do that unless you show us what you have done. Show us screenshots of what you have done so far.


i did not chance anything. only i upgrade to .60


After order


Now i setup .60

New order

But not time reset


Show this screen …


@kendash, @emre, the timer is not resetting when new orders are added.



OK looks like it could be something. Next time please be detailed like that. There is no way we would have discovered your issue otherwise.


If state value does not change it won’t update last update time of state anymore.
Tutorial literally benefiting from a bug :slight_smile:

I noticed if we enter a quantity expression (like 1) for update entity state action it updates last update time even state value does not change.


How can we do this? Can you give example


@omerfarukulusal it works for me when I updated Update Entity State Action's Quantity Exp value as 1.

However it does not update automatically if screen stays still and no tickets creates on terminals.

So I changed the Entity Screen (MASALAR?) as Custom Layout screen, placed a Entity Grid widget and set Auto Refresh Interval value as 60 seconds.