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I selected Samba for my restaurant because I heard a lot of praise for it. Seeing the always active forum for help, I installed Samba at my restaurant. Then make changes as my needs with the help of forum and a local reseller. Had a great time using it. Then I hade to change my menu and I had to add “Deal” in my menu for which I started research on the forum but I couldn’t find any complete tutorial or document about my Deal Menu.
I try
4.43. How to Apply Auto Combo Implementation?
but in this document I have to select all Products one by one then Samba make Deal but I need to press a Custome button like Deal 1 or Deal 2 and all related Products should be selected as shown in this emre picture.

I try to get help from reseller but unfortunately he also could not help in this matter.

I am writing today with great sadness I couldn’t find help on a topic that is very important need.

This is my menu

I would be grateful if anyone could guide or help me. Otherwise I will have to leave Samba for which I will be very sad. :worried: :worried:

I find deals to be a huge pain in the tuchus. But with the tutorials I’ve been able to get some to work and some to kind of work (and some that make me question my life’s choices).

This seems to be rather important for you. If you’re not inclined to keep trying yourself, I would recommend one of two things:

  • Post an ad in the forum for someone to do the deals for you
  • Contact SambaPOS support and pay them for it

At the end of the day you’re not going to find the features of SambaPOS a) for the price and b) doesn’t run over the internet - I’ve looked.

But hey, it’s not for everyone I guess.

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Simplest way for you would be to make products for each deal and order tags for what comes in it. You can set the order tags to auto apply in the menu.

But if you need to customize each thing then yes you need to use the update order group action

Yes as Memo said you can always request paid support from the forum in the Ads category.

Everything has to be done with payment, so why this forum was created? I see your tutorial ( Intelligent Auto Combo Building - Build combination deals on the fly as you add orders the way the customer talks) and done all steps perfectly and its also working perfectly. But now i just need one thing and that is Click on Custom button Like “Hamburger Deal” and all promotional products were selected.

1 x Hamburger
2 x Cold Drink
1 x Fries

So now tell me how much i have to pay for this work.

This forum is no different than, say, MSDN, or Oracle forums. People who use it comment and suggest when possible. If you need the company itself to support an issue there’s a charge.

Let’s say you have a car and the repair manual. You need a new alternator. You have the part. If you can’t get it done, and no one is able to help you, you have to pay a mechanic.

It’s late morning in Turkey right now. I don’t know if SambaPOS support works on the weekend. I believe the per-incident support fee is $50 for the first two hours. You’d have to check the store for current pricing.

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The forum is a community forum. It was not created to be a free support forum but a lot of our members do enjoy helping. If it’s something simple often we will chime in. If it’s interesting the community may help you. We can’t force people to be interested in things. This automation is rather advanced and it looks like people are not interested in it enough.

If it’s urgent for your business then you can always offer pay for an expert.

It’s important to understand this is not a support forum. It’s a community of passionate sambapos users, resellers, and fans dedicated to helping contribute to the project.


I second this suggestion. Unless you’re tracking inventory just keep it simple.

  1. Create a menu category called “Deals”
  2. Create a product for each deal.
  3. For each product create Order Tag Groups for each deal as needed and price them all at $0.
    (1) A group for each required option such as Main Options (Chicken Qurma, Malai Qeema)
    (2) A group for all standard options (Roti, Salad, Drink)
    (3) Set your product to autotag options as they’re added

This would require no large customization from the standard install or ticket templates. I’ve been a user of SambaPOS for over 5 years. I don’t think you’ll find a better system with a stronger user forum anywhere.


From the video can’t tell exactly how emre set this up but surely if you already have the deals setup and just want a ‘quick add preset selection of products’ then just do with automation.
Yes would be laborious if you have 20 deals but not that complicated.
Custom menu item button with command deal 1.
Rule for command deal 1 to include add product a, add product b add product c…

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Sir @JTRTech
I saw your work on the forum thanks to give you precious time to my post and hope you will understand me and help me.
First of all I come to your opinion. You mean to say that I have to create rule for each Deal. Each rule will include my products. That’s even better. I also want this That I press a button and by pressing this button my other related products also add the order. If possible, guide me through the rules how to make.

Now I want to show my current setup and request you to please check this if there is any mistake you can see then please guide me. Some steps was done by Emre Tutorials ( Ideas for Combo Setup) and Actions were missing in Emere Tutorial then I create Actions from Ideas for Combo Setup Post #42 Jesse.
As you can see in my screen shot.


06 ![07|295x307]


Rule 3
Rule 4

Custom Button


OK, thought you didn’t get directions for emres setup?
So it’s setup using a report expression and a loop values, guessed that would be the case.
So does that automation not work?

Sir, I create all steps as shown in my previous post but the automation not work I am sharing you my video you can see.

Unless its cut off it appears that the report expression in automation command isn’t closed up. Can you make sure that a closing bracket is after your comma (,).

{REPORT MENU ITEM DETAILS:M.Name:(MTC.Promotion)=[:CommandValue]):,}


Thanks for this one error and I clear it but issue not solved.

I see some other things which may be missing. I’ll try and take a look at it later tonight.

Okay, so I put something together pretty quick. After reviewing the forum posts and what you have you’re missing a lot of automation to add/update the orders along with the order group. This isn’t something I use a lot, but hopefully some of my screens will help you a little.

I didn’t bother going any further with the order selects or order tag handling.



oh great, sir you share with me your Ruls sir please can you share with me your Actions because If this is working on your side as you show then I have to adopt your settings. If possible then share your setting file by export tools or backup

Now there is some hope. I done some changes that you told me and I do as I understand. After changes there is a Move in my Ticket Order Screen that you can see in screen shot.

Here is the Result

Your GroupKey setting is mispelled on the group update and the price tag should be set to your Deal value {SETTING:Deal}.

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