Custom Package Delivery for V5


In this tutorial, I see that we are currently using a “highlight” and then tapping the “Display” button to display the ticket but …

Is there a way to implement a “double tap/double click” function to, say, display the ticket by double tapping the ticket listed?

I also see that we can create dynamic command buttons with content of entities, so maybe we can even make a listed ticket to do some custom action(like a command button) when we double tap it.


Hi Emre,

Is it somehow possible to search and locate waiting tickets using a barcode scanner and then assign them to a deliverer?
I think, It will help a lot when the waiting list gets too congested.


You can use the ticket number or assign a rand number as a ticket tag, which also prints onto the receipt so you can scan it to reopen it

Search forum for barcode ticket and youll get some more posts to read


Emre has always good instruction, but it is a bit unclear for me. Is there anyone can help me how to create a new delivery status? Thanks a lot!


Hi, thank you for this incredible solution, I hope to be asking on the right section, I was wondering if is possible to set a tab that display the ticket screen? meaning I want this screen

On the tab “Tickets de Clientes”

The idea is take order first and customer after that.



That won t be possible. Unfortunately but you can add buttons to navigate the two easily.


Hi Kendash thank you for you reply, do you mean that is possible to add a button to display the ticket screen? Like instead the “Mostrart Ticket” one ?


No you will not be able to see ticket screen on an Entity Screen.


Well, I don’t think is a good idea. What if after customer place order than find out it was out of delivery area? That is such a waste of time.
Always better to know your customer first, maybe this customer always complaint so you know it before hand and be careful. Or sometime the customer forgot to mention allergy, you can have the note on account to make sure you get everything right.


@Jesse How to make deliverer report, with total delivery charge they collected and total tickets they delivered?


Well I would refer to the report documentation at and derive how I should build it based off that.



Here deliverer is Ticket tag. But now am using entities as deliverers. How to change it


I did it​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:, happy because I learnt some thing about custom reports.

[Delivery Reports:3,2,2,2]
@{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name:(ET=Deliverers):,}
Deliverer|Ticket Count|Delivery Charge|Ticket Total
$1|{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TEN.Deliverers=$1)}|{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=Delivery Service) AND (TEN.Deliverers=$1)}|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TEN.Deliverers=$1)}

Total|{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TY=Delivery Ticket) }|{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=Delivery Service) AND (TY=Delivery Ticket)}|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TY=Delivery Ticket)}