Customer Item Purchace History?

Hi there

This is my first time posting on this forum so just getting my head round everything,

i was just wondering about a few things…

-is there anyway to have the selected customers purchase history pop up on the POS screen without you having to go in the the back office?

Clerk; hi could i get your name please
customer: Bob Smith
Clerk: Welcome back Mr.Smith how was the Shiraz (red wine) you bought last week? and can i recommend a similar wine and perhaps some cheese to pair with it?

  • also how can i put more fields in the customer info? i.e. i can only input NAME and PHONE as it is

sorry if i am not sounding very clear

any help would be very much appreciated

thank you

Add custom field in the entity type will give additional fields.

As for history that’s a fairly broad subject.
There are ways to recreate tickets by customer discussed on forum which might give you some leads.

If your using v4 you might have a harder time than v5 where we have many new features and report expressions.

You want to think about how you want to display that info?
Show last ticket button, popup with list of orders, print, on request or every time (I’d recommend on request over something automatic which would cmquickly become annoying)

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Hi JTRTech

thank you for your quick reply.

i just figured out how to add additional custom field, thank you

i was thinking about the customer purchase history showing up on the POS screen in some way or even popping up when you select the customer you are dealing with then you can next go in to the POS screen.

even as you say a print out would work but obviously not automatic as that would get dull very fast :slight_smile:

thank you

A popup would similarly get old very quickly hence the sugestion of a ‘last ticket’ button.
So select customer goes to pos screen with a last ticket button which shows popup of last ticket.
Sure that would be fairly simple even in v4.
Maybe not purly using reports but if nothing else logging ‘last ticket id’ on ticket closing rule to entity field and then using that on the last ticket button into a popup or ask question popup using the ID from field into a report order details expression.

that sounds like it could work,

how would i go about that?
sorry as i am semi new to this

thank you

Original V4 Tutorial:

Refined V5 Tutorial (should work in V4 as well):