Daily/Weekly/Monthly Cleaning

Im trying to set up a cleaning schedule on the till.

I wanted it to work a bit like the tables in terms of colour change. you click a cleaning job and then itll use the ask question action to show the job thats needing doing. Itll ask wether the job has been complete. Itll show a yes or no. If the job has been complete itll turn the button green and then put the user name of the person who completed the job on the button. If the job hasnt been completed then itll stay red.

I thought this would be easy, but its actually proving to be a bit of a pain.

I could use the automation command and get it all working, but the colour change I wouldnt havea clue. Is this possible with AMC?


Think tasks would be a better route than entities.
Could recycle the tasks I guess by adding a range into formatting so it changes back to red once 7 days has passed or something.

this sounds good. Can you add tasks as a button then? ive nevergotten into tasks

Just swatting up

I’m thinking using.tasks be better.

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i was just swatting up and my laptop battery died whilst on charge… uh oh.

I closed it and let it charge for a while and will get back to being a swat

I cant see how to add tasks without manually adding them in.

I went back to task types and added fields but they dont show?


Ive swatted up as much as I can see ont eh site but still no clue.

I already have an entity type with all the entities of all of the jobs to be done. Can these be listed in the task lister?

Yeah, I’m not getting this.

Is there any more tutorials anywhere? It’s pretty limited

I Have a cleaning schedule with triggers it will fire printing kitchen and front for cleaning as well daily checklist when open work period and closed for closing checkups , even I added a staff name to sign make sure that done. this works great even you logout of samba.
You may setup when payment processed rule something suits you

I could do that, but I’m trying to make something that’s a little more complex

I can pretty much do it how I want but want the buttons to change colour. This seems only possible with tasks.

I just cant get my head around it

Using panel colour in button format should allow colour change on any expression using turary.

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I can get the colour change in the tasks, I’m just confused on how to list them without adding them in manually.

If the job is completed and then work period closed-opened they’re gone

That’s using widget presumeably?

Yeah task lister widget

Am i doing something wrong?

There has to be some form of search/filter field?

There was a field to add tasks but I removed it as I thought maybe they could be added another way?

Just snapped charger port off my laptop (loose and wiggly) so just gonna solder it back on and get back on it.


Right laptop fixed, wire snapped off the power plug in laptop! Whole blimmin motherboard removal :rage::rage:

Ok, so.

Ive made it so I can add tasks, how do i then make sure theyre kept even when complete and workperiod started again?

im completely stuck, there is no wiki on it… its greyed out on the wiki page

Here is what I have so far, if someone would be so kind to guide me along that would be appreciated.

I want someone to be able to press the task and then description for it to give an ask question popup to give a description of the job. The complete bit works, but I want it to put the name of the user that completed it within that box if its possible?

They need to reset Daily/Weekly/Monthly depending on the Entity screen (I have 3 set up which are opened from an ask question popup)

Any help would be appreciated, ive been fiddling for 3 days now and it isnt sinking in