Daily/Weekly/Monthly Cleaning

There is a tutorial that comes up third on search for task list.

I’ve got that far, I’ve already followed that

I just dont know how to format the buttons or make them work as AMC or how to make the buttons reset daily/w/m


There is are Actions called “Add Task” and “Update Task”. One option you could do is when a task is marked as completed, it will create a new task with a new start date.

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I’ve been looking up rules, how would a rule fire if a task has been completed?

There is a “Task Completed Command” box in the “Task Editor” settings. I think that would fire a AMC. Not sure, haven’t tried that (yet).

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thanks bob, that gives me something to work on.

ill have another go at it now

Emre’s Reservation setup deals heavily on Tasks and reports. I know it’s a different animal from what you’re trying to do, but the logic behind it can be very useful.

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Bob, weve got this.

you are a star, ive managed to get a popup from a task. I now know how the work as AMC

My only ask now is how to get them to display the user name that completed it?

You will have to create a custom field in actions it would be something like UserName=[:UserName]. If you want more fields, just put a comma then follow the same format.

I know this is totally wrong… i cant seem to get any output though?


I’ve got to open up the shop, I won’t be available for a while.

i cant even get a MSG TEST to fire with it. its completely bizarre

Edit: Ok sort of getting there, I had to create my own completed button as it seems to break if I use the Complete button already there. Created a Done button instead.

Still not dishing out the user name though

Gives out {:CURRENTUSER} Rather than the user name

Edit no it doesnt I didnt have the : in

Right, im there. Done.

Daily Jobs sorted, whew.

Now to do triggers to make weekly and monthly.

Its not clear how to delete tasks?

OK, so i dont delete tasks but I move them. So ive solved that.

Looking a lot cleaner now.

All im having trouble with now is that I cant seem to get all tasks to reset after trigger/amc

Reset button fires AMC-Rule for action in screen shots

Am I doing something wrong? If i select the completed task it resets it, but I want it to do all of them automatically on a trigger/amc

edit, or am i doing it wrong… I spose resetting it via formatting? How would i do that?

Also, ive just exported and the tasks dont export?

I haven’t forgot about you. Just been a little busy. I will try to work on this later today and/or tomorrow.

Does anybody know what the proper syntax of the report expression should be:
‘{REPORT TASK DETAILS:T.Name:T.Identifier=[:CommandValue]}’
I’m trying to use the Task Identifier as a expression to grab a field value (Name in this case) to put in a Add Task action.

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Oh man we all have businesses to run, time is no problem. Im just happy for the help.

Ive got the system in place, client happy. We have the tasks exported and all running perfectly.

The only thing i need to get working is to get them converted back to Task Complete = False

No rush though, as I said, time iisnt an issue

Much appreciated


Still having trouble getting the tasks back to not complete after trigger.

I’m at Glastonbury next week and have been asked if I can get this sorted before I go. Is there a reason why they wouldn’t revert back?