Delivery screen not pulling customer information under individual Driver

So I set out the task to create the Delivered Orders on the Reservation Tab and its not showing the customer information in the column. Can I pull each Driver’s information separate?

The highlighted in yellow I want to move to the Reservation Entity Screen:

This is what I have so far (I copied the code from the Delivered Orders into JUMA:

After playing some more I got this so far ( I need to figure out how to add driver totals and to put driver orders below his name and stretch the CASH CARD Button):

If anyone would be so kind to help. If you know of any great video tutorials for this could you please share it.

@Bob_be how are you? Can you perhaps guide me thanks. Where do I find what examples of commands that can be entered on the Delivery Screen.

Are those buttons not part of the above widget? Have you split it so widget per driver?

It is part of it, however I have split it but need to pull driver information under his column. This is the command how it exists in the system

<size 15>{ENTITY NAME:Deliverer}

However I need to define it to show Deliverer but driver for example

<size 15>{ENTITY NAME:Deliverer=JUMA}

Don’t understand that… thats like asking for deliver entity name where deliver =, ie whose deliverer of ticket who’s deliver is this name. You value would be the same as what your putting in???

It looks like there are Task Widgets for each driver. It is not possible to click on a driver button to display tickets across other Task Widgets.

The payment buttons (Cash & Card) is using information from within the Task Widget to apply the payment to the selected ticket. I can’t remember if information can be pulled out of a Task Widget to be used in an Automation Command. I will do some testing, when I get a chance.

I don’t think there is a way to select a ticket and click on a button outside of the Task Editor Widget to pay a ticket. Maybe, someone can correct me on that.

I see. What I am trying to is to use the delivererID of the person that was assigned.

surly the buttons would be wanting a tickrt reference rather than an entoty reference? Payments and display?

It is working now on the new DB as I am not sure how to determine what was causing it not to pull up as it could be a rule or action issue. I agree a ticket reference, however it needed to pull it correctly under the Driver’s name which would need the entity part.

I waned to know if I understand the flow/dependancy of rules actions and automation commands. When you create like say a Cash button should you first create the Automation Command then the Action and finally the Rule?

With Samba supports help it is working now by creating a new states for Drivers and pulling it into the Delivery Entity Screen.

@JTRTech Sometimes I take a bit longer to understand your recommendations or questions as you are advanced technical whilst I am still basic/beginner lol. Thank you for your patience I think you guys are amazing on the forums and I pray that your lives stay blessed.

It really does not matter but if you ever change an action that is in a rule you need to remove the action from the rule, save it then add the action back to the rule and save it again.


thats where two main tracks of though lead, I prefer generic actions with all fields carried to rule with square brackets as allows actions to be reused and no need to go back to actions.
Others prefer fixed actions with duplicated actions per automation set.

Is there no way that this process of changes of the actions can be linked or pushed so that the rule can update or is this a tedious process.

In some cases it will update… But to ensure your updated action gets updated in rules you should follow what I said.

Remember this is only if you have an action in a rule already and you decide to update that action. You must remove it from the rule and save then open rule and add it back to reflect the change you made in the action.

You shouldnt be making many changes to actions anyway. Typically once you set an action up you wont change it unless some specific reason.

Thanks how do you keep track of it all?

I see, the reason I asked because I tried to create an exact copy of the Delivery (configuration tasks installation for Delivery) for Collection but had that issue so now I need to practice writing them

Noted I will keep that in mind.

The way to think of it is that an action is a template, you create the template for action to add to a rule and it is copied into the rule. Changing the template effects future uses but not the copies already used and in place.
Its not a strict rule that no changes are reflected but if you think of it like that then you know where you are.

I just posted a tutorial for a Show Message action. This won’t solve your problem, but it will you learn how to retrieve information.

Here is a link to the tutorial:

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Brilliant! Thanks @Bob_be will test drive it soon.

Hi again I have some questions about SambaPOS.

1.) Can Sambapos, sql and firewall rules be silently installed via bat/cmd files. (like silent install SambaPOS -s

2.) Is there a way to autologout and then relaunch SambaPOS on terminals when changes are made to the server (sometimes I pickup certain things update everywhere when I logout of Sambapos and click on the close button.

3.) I wanted to create an entity screen that functions similar to customer search but instead of customer information pull product information (i.e a retail style looking entity screen).

4.) Can one put the main screen in Design Mode(That one that shows Sandwiches, Bagels etc when you install it for the first time.

5.) I seen some great looking and functioning entity screens are there any other tutorials apart from the Advanced Delivery Setup so one can understand all the widgets.

6.) Is there perhaps a structured way to learn SambaPOS from basic to advanced?

Thanking you guys in advance.