Different Tax rates for Different Payment Methods

Hi everyone,
The govt. of Pakistan imposes two tax rates, 17% on cash sales, and 5% on Credit Card sales. We already have 17% GST implemented on cash sales, but the tax rate for Credit Card method is 5%. I looked at the forum, but no luck. Can anyone of here help in this?


Payment processor and calculation would be the only way. Tax templates wouldn’t work for this unless you know before taking the order. How do you plan to do it?

Are you sure it’s based on payment type? Everything I see says it’s just 17% but no mention of cash or card

Yes, we ask the customers that are they going to pay via card or cash. So, we know that before adding orders to samba.

Yes, I am sure. PRA (Punjab Revenue Authority) has set different tax brackets for credit card and cash sales. I am not sure what is the reason behind this, but as per government instructions to implement 5% tax rate, I am looking for ways to implement this.

Can you tell what changes in Payment Processor and calculations would be required to setup the tax rate?

I think normal Tax templates are calculated as soon as ticket total changes. Its calculated at the order/product level but applied as ticket calculation.

So you would need to adapt SambaPOS to calculate tax when the bill is actually settled using Ticket > Calculations instead. As Jesse said, you would need to know which payment type customer will use before hand, if you want to use default tax templates.

Few really important things to consider and test before implementing custom tax handling:

  • How to handle discounts, rounds, promotions and other calculations. Are the included or excluded from tax?
  • Are all the items you sell or all services you provide part of the same tax bracket?
  • How do you handle GIFTS and VOIDS. Are they included or excluded from tax?
  • etc.

Can anyone tell how to implement taxes with a button, that if I press “Pay by Credit Card”, it replaces the tax value for ticket total?

Junaid, please specify that the request is for V4 and not V5.

@paxi my request is for samba v4.

Sorry we do not support v4 any longer. You must update to the latest version.

@Jesse How can it be done for V5? We are looking to update if it can be done with v5.

@Jesse any way to do it in V5? We are willing to upgrade to V5 if we can do different taxes for different payment methods.


It may be possible with automation. There is no built in way to do it.