Each department, with it own warehouse

How do I create

1 Poorbar
2. Lounge
3. Restaurants (samba has it by default)
4. Club

Each department above will have it own warehouse.

Poorbar warehouse
Lounge warehouse
Restaurant warehouse
Club warehouse

What I have tried.

I created Club warehouse, I remain default warehouse to pool bar warehouse. I didn’t know how to assign the warehouses to their corresponding department.

After. I had a serious issue in my installation.
I have item in the inventory but I can sell. The error is last order cancelled because I configure stop sales when stock is zero.

Any kB link or forum link to help? Please.

Or someone should kindly assist.

Manage > Settings > Departments > Add Department

Here a brief overview of the process:

  • create departments
  • create warehouses
  • create inventory transaction and document types for moving inventory between warehouses (if needed)
  • follow this tutorial for setting up your products:

One has to create duplicate products and inventory recipes.


One product each for Cigar Bar (CB), Hideaway (H), and Pub (P.)

Same with recipes

But for inventory items, just one per item sold


To keep the menu display consistent among the various menus per department, using Edit Product Properties (in Editing Menu) I made sure the menu display was the same name displayed in the POS (Header is what will displayed on the button when adding items to a ticket)


Then when an item is sold it will come out of the configured warehouse for that product.