Help setting up remote tablets for order taking

Hi kendash, I have been using sambapos in my restaurant for a while as just one main computer( windows 7 pro installed) and now I like to add a windows ce base pda to take orders, the question is; do I need to patch windows for one Terminal? You said in the past;
Windows does not support more than 1 RDP connection. Windows server with the right RDP licenses does support multiple RDP connections.)

So do I stil need to patch windows?

Hope I make some sense? Excuses my English.


The point of the RDP licence on a server is to allow multiple sessions.
If you have a multi licence licenced server you should not need a patch.
Side not patch is not recommended solution either way. If don’t have multi RDP licenced server the cheapest option I usually reconmend is a seperate sff or usff PC like I use for all my tills as a headless RDP host machine. Which even with licences is cheaper option that RDP server lol other than a little more KWH on the electric meter.

I am using v4 so do I need to buy sambapos ?


The thing is the patch you are referring too is a hack it is not a patch there is a big difference. Microsoft does NOT allow this and it violates license use.

Windows CE eh? Wow that would be painful experience I would think. This wont help you now but take a look at what we are working on. This is running in a web-browser its not really usable yet but it will be in the future…

Keep in mind this is a proof of concept and nowhere near ready to actually use but it should show that a solution is coming for people needing reliable mobile order taking solutions.

Running on my phone:

Running in chrome browser on desktop.

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I’m new here and I don’t know whether I have a license or not? But I have been using sambapos for 5 years and now I need to go one step further and get hand terminal and take orders with it.

I was not referring to SambaPOS license… Microsoft does NOT allow it on their windows operating system unless its a Server OS. The patch you hear about is a HACK to purposely violate the terms of use and license microsoft makes you agree too when you use their software. It alters a dll file that is not meant to be altered. It also can be fixed by microsoft with windows update so you would have to disable windows update and severely cripple your security.

Microsoft wants you to pay for terminal services.

You can purchase inexpensive microsoft tablets to take orders… they can run sambapos without need of rdp.

So need to buy a windows server?

You could… or just buy microsoft windows 10 tablets and install sambapos on them and use them with a SQL server and wifi network. Total cost for that would be much cheaper. You can get reliable tablets for $99-200

Windows server plus the appropriate licenses for RDP will cost you well over $2000

Is there any tutorial that I can look at for this please?

Tutorial for using multiple terminals?

No, setting up windows tablets

There is nothing special… you just install SambaPOS on them like they are another terminal. You install sambapos then point it to your SQL Server database. If you know how to setup multiple terminals then you can setup a tablet.

If you need help with setting up multiple terminals then first you need to install SQL Express 2016 and get SambaPOS to connect to it. Here are some tutorials for that. The first tutorial is for SQL Express 2014 but 2016 is latest version. You should get 2016 the install instructions are the same.

It sound easy…) all I need is create another user on the main computer and use the same datebase?

No you connect to the database from the tablet… you dont connect to the computer. Best method is to setup mixed mode auth on SQL Express and connect with that and not use Windows Authentication. Read the tutorials above if you dont know what I am talking about.

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I have setup SQL express 2012 yesterday and connected to the sambapos that’s fine. The proble is how to connect windows tablet or use sambapos?

read the tutorials… You connect it same way.

Thank you so much, Iam going to read them all and try tomorrow.
Sory about my ignorance.

Good night.

@Jesse i am using windows tablet. i setup sambapos v5 to them but i have problem about connection. i often disconnecting from sambapos. What can i do for this. i connect with wifi tplink archer c9 and using switch.