How do I change item quantity in a ticket

The ticket in question is closed, but not settled. I am using it for take away / phone in orders. If a customer needs to change quantity, how do I go about it?
The + and - buttons are grayed out / disabled.

I can manually add the item and it comes up as “New” underneath, while the existing item shows “Submitted”. I think this is by design.

If so, it it possible to go to the item screen when I click on a submitted item so that I can add more of it? In the screenshot above, I have clicked the Egg, Bacon item, but the view o the right is for Beverages.

It should be added as a new item… Or your cook might miss it. You may be able to create a button to do what you asked. Look at Add Order action. You can make a command button that when you select item… and press button it passes the Menu Item Name as a command value into Add Order action.

I think this should work. I have not tested it.

Yeah, I understand the logic behind why it is like this. In my case, its more the customer changing mind and ordering more or less item.

I’d just like the right side to change to correct menu category when I click on the item in ticket list. Is there a simple way to do that?

And today without changing a thing, the + and - buttons are activated.

Pressing them doesnt change the quantity. Some numbers somes up iinside brackets, but in the end while settling, the quantity is as in the original ticket.
Dont know how the buttons got enabled.

I explained a method you can try to accomplish what you want in my post above.

This may not change the right side as currently there is not a way to do this… but it should add more of the same item without having to navigate to the item in the menu…Again I have not tested it though.

I did see that, but I am not sure what to do. I dont even see an Add Order action in the POS. :confounded:

I do see an Update Order, so checking that now. :smile:

Never mind, I found the Add Order action inside the drop down of a new Action. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes sorry I am suggesting you make the solution yourself… it is not built in. You are new to this, so I suggest you go through the documentation portion of this forum and read EVERYTHING you can. Even if you do not think you will use it as this will give you a good working knowledge of what Samba really is and how to configure it.

Samba is not configured like typical POS where you select from predefined options… in Samba you can select predefined options or you can define what those options are yourself! thats the great part.

I did give it a go and made a mess. :stuck_out_tongue:
The Automation section of the documentation is making my head spin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I managed to find a work flow that works for me.
When customer calls to change order, I click Add Ticket, add a new ticket and put changes in that. Then I close the ticket, go back to customer, merge the tickets, and void the un-necessary one.

A bit complicated, but it should work for now. :smiley:
Thanks for all the help. :smile:

if the ticket is closed, then you can have a rule called Re-open closed Ticket to add additional items to it

you can test using the attached reopn closed Ticket rule… you will need to import using the Databse Tools, Import/Export feature
Reopen Closed (876 Bytes)

The ticket is not settled. It is closed until I wait for payment. During that time customer might change his mind about items ordered. Voiding an item is fine. I was looking at a way to changing the number of items ordered. Like changing 5 drinks to 3 drinks. :smile:

Anyway, I think my workflow should hold up. Will know more after testing.

You do not need to do all this extra work. You can click on the item and just void a specific # of that item and then just simply add the new item on the ticket… you do not have to do all the merge stuff.

Can you explain more about your work flow… when the customer calls to change order… has the order already been started on by the cook or not? Is there a chance it could be cooked completely and then customer change mind?

If you do not need to worry about this then you can change your order flow so it changes to submitted at a different time… allowing you to change order count… but you need to evaluate if its practical or not for your business.

You are absolutely correct. I am just trying to make sure that the staff manning the counter don’t get confused. I have to test it out with someone other than myself to see how it goes in real life.

The issue I found with void-ing specific # is that it is inconsistent. I am able to select 5 x Drinks, press - button 2 times and click void, then Drinks become 3. That’s good.
But now how can I increase drinks to 8? Pressing + button doesnt do anything. That is inconsistent behavior.

Correct method for me would be to void item enirely, then add item with correct amount. Cooking doesnt really matter. If the item has been prepared, it wont be voided. :stuck_out_tongue:

My work flow is to get phone number of customer first, then create a new ticket. This is the flow for Dine-in, Take Away and Delivery. If I get more details like Name and address, I add it to customer database. But phone number is the key.
That is why I was thinking about new ticket and merging ticket. If the customer rings up again, I only have the phone number to work with. I can quickly take his order, then at my leisure merge/void/print whatever. Customer doesn’t need to be kept waiting for me to void item. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is all hypothetical. Hasn’t been tested out yet, so it might vary. :smile:
ps: late night thinking, so lack of sleep might also be affecting my judgement. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for pointing out the flaws.

What I am saying is the reason for the current behavior is because when you close the ticket… it sends it to kitchen for preparing and marks item as submitted… its designed so that if you make changes it sends another message to kitchen with **VOID next to the item so the cook clearly sees the change… If it allowed you to just change the order amount after it was submitted to kitchen the cook may or may not catch it as the ONLY thing that would change is the Order # next to item. When you add the new items it shows up as new items so cook clearly sees you added more and does not miss it.

So if you have a business that the food is not started until paid for… you can change this behavior so it does not submit orders to kitchen until payment received then you can change the order qty all you want.

I understand. Also all this stuff, I have been trying out without printing. When I add my printer, I’m sure the workflow will change again.
I cant change the behaviour, because we will have some stuff that has to be prepared before payment is done. (Take-away and delivery). Dine In is done in quick service format. No tables, but pay when order is placed.

I would not advise you attempt to change any states right now until your more familiar. However just so you know… you can define separate behaviors for Dine In and To go, or delivery… they do not all have to use the same state flow.


@srijit default SambaPOS behavior is proven to work fine and I don’t recommend you to change it unless you have a good reason to do it.

When you place 5 Coke order Bar immediately receives a print with …

5 Coke

When you need to change it to 6 coke bar needs to know it replaces previous 5 Coke. So what he need so see is…

5 Coke   ***V O I D***
6 Coke

So you need to Void 5 coke line and add new quantity as a new order line.

That does not change for take away or dine in. I’ll strongly recommend to use one method for ALL quantity changing cases. If you customize it for specific workflows staff should need to learn different ways to change quantity and that will increase complexity of the system.

However we allow our users to shoot themselves from foot if they really want. :slight_smile: Here is a way to change quantity of an order.

Create a new Automation Command

Configure mapping…

Create a new Action

Create a new rule that works when you click Change Quantity command button.

[?Enter New Quantity:\d\d?:{QUANTITY}:N]

That syntax creates a dialog box that asks for the quantity. It also takes current order quantity as default value.

Clicking on an order and Change Quantity button will display this dialog.

Please keep in mind that does not sends quantity change notifications to kitchen and do not use it if you automatically send kitchen prints as you receive new orders.


LOL, always a way to get around default behavior with the power and flexibility of SambaPOS!

This is brilliant. :slight_smile: I completely understand why the system was setup like it was.
I will test this out and see. I can proably put a Print KOT button to print Kitchen receipt manually. Its a very small kitchen, so should be fine.

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Moved over from 3 to 4 and WOW it does even more, I have just finished this entry and works fine, Once i added mappings to the final step lol,

Is there any way to change the qty modifier, i.e it has a maximum of 2 digits so no more than 99 and i would like to muliply by decimal i,e 1.36, we sell a liquid in litres and have set the sale price per litre, using the qty would be great if I could put through 10.5 or 5.35 litres etc,

Great work,