How to add the same Action to a Rule multiple times

How to add the same Action to a Rule multiple times.

  • Click Select Actions
  • Right-click on LEFT side of action chooser and select Display All Values
  • scroll to bottom of LEFT side… the Action will be there and can be added again
  • repeat above steps as many times as necessary to add the same Action multiple times


I think this is one of the most unknown features, I also got confused with it in the past until I learnt this!

Im still confused. Sorry. Do I need to be trying to open multiple “action lists”. What is the “action chooser” I select “display all values” and it just disappears.

Nevermind. I got it. you have to click on “dead space” below all of the options. On mine my “dead space” was like tiny tiny.

Look at the picture.

The blue “Select Actions” link brings up the Action Chooser. That’s why there is an arrow pointing from that blue link toward the Chooser.

Use the filter box below the left side of the Chooser to reduce the number of actions in the list, then right-click in the empty space.

Since you are working on Happy Hour where all Actions are prefixed with HH, type that in the Filter box.