How to change payment from Credit Card to Cash account, and vice versa

Hello everyone!, Isearched in the forum but I didn’t find anything helpful, there are some time where the cashier makes a mistake and pays a ticket with cash, when it was with credit card, or vice versa. How to transfer from one account to another if they are the same type of account??? I mean, they are both Paymet Account Type, I solved this problem creating a different Type auxiliar account, so I tranfer from Cash to Auxiliar Account and then from auxiliar account to Credit Card, and vice versa, but I want to know if there’s another simpler way to do it. Thanks in advance!

You could re-open a settled ticket.

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Thanks for reply ahmed, thats a good solution, but I dotn’t want to give the cashier the option to manipulate paid tickets, I want to prevent theft. But I need the cashier to balance Accounts before closing Work Period, so I give him the chance to transfer money between accounts, but never to reopen tickets. Any other way?

You could create an automation flow to refund one account and then pay same amount with alternative method?
Using automation flow this could be made so that you can only refund/recharge same amount?
We manually do extra £X amount daily special paid card and refund same as cash to balance a cash back for locals so accounts balance etc.
You could automate similar process?
Just an idea.
If not you can use your aux account in a similar flow and automate it.

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It’s a very good Idea JTETech!!!, Im going to try it, thank you!

Well, I tried hard to get working this, I followed this related post: Help Please : 2nd action on Rule not working

But still can’t, I explain:
1-I created one automation command to transfer from Cash to Credit Card
2 I created 2 actions:

  • a)Transfer from Cash to Auxiliar Account
  • b)Transfer from Auxiliar Account to Credit Card
    3-I created 2 rules:
    a) Constraint to automation command and prompt for transfer amount
    b)Constraint to automation command and [:CommandValue] to get the value entered in the prompt of the first rule.

The problem is that I can’t get to pass the value of the prompt to the second rule, I tried [:amount] and [:CommandValue] but it doesn’t work, the first transaction works good, for example if I entered 900.53, Cash credits 900.53 and auxiliar debits 900.53. But for the second transaction, Auxiliar Credits 277.00, and Credit Card debits 277.00. What am I doing wrong?


Im stucked, any ideas?

Store that value in a Program Setting named something like transferAmount so you can read the value later in a Rule with {SETTING:transferAmount}.

You could also use a Generic Create Account Transaction Document Action to fire the 2 transfer operations in a single click.

So when you click a button like:

TXFR Cash to Credit Card
TXFR Credit Card to Cash

You have Rules to handle each:

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