How to create a banquet with fixed items from the products list?

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I’ve been searching and searching, but everyone’s scenario’s is different. For me I just want to be able to create a Set-Menu with selections from our products list and give that Banquet a fixed price.

It would be really troublesome if all the items needs to be selected within the banquet each time, if I have 3 tables that require the same banquet.

Can I just press the banquet button and all 10 products listed, appear on the docket of the kitchen and invoice for the customer?

There are a few options for you;
One would be a buffet product at the fixed price and then use order tags. Order tags can be preselected using the edit product properties table in the menu config.
Another would be similar buffet fixed price product and then buffet items as products but with 0 price. The fixed price buffet handles the value and the 0 price item products handle order/inventory etc.
Another option would be a combo/promo setup but depending on your needs these are more typical for a fixed combination/qty rather than an all you can eat buffet.

If your actually talking about a meal deal of predefi d options the combo is good option if you ring items in.
Alternatively you could use an automation command as a custom menu button and create a rule to add the preset products, even make it update item prices or perhaps add a deal discount product.
Samba is very flexible but need to fully understand what you need/want to offer exact reconmentation

Thanks JTRTech,

After going through this post again, I believe I want to achieve the

“Alternatively you could use an automation command as a custom menu button and create a rule to add the preset products, even make it update item prices or perhaps add a deal discount product.”

I think this was the only post that describe roughly how its done, i could not find any other tutorials, may be I’m searching with the wrong words.


What technical skills is required to configure sambaPOS?

I love the interface and all after discovering this product, but it seems certain skills are required to really drive this product.

Anything I could study to make driving this product easier?

Kind regards

No technical skills just a willingness to learn it.

Yes do as many SambaPOS tutorials as possible.

Unless you get really creative no geeky code is needed.
Watch some of my basic automation video tutorials for an intro into samba custom automation;

SambaPOS needs a learning curve because it is so configurable unlike any other POS. There is no way to keep it ultra simple and still allow that kind of customization so its a tradeoff. However all you need to do is study some tutorials and just practice customizing it. Its not too hard but it takes time and experience to get good at it.

Thanks guys, I’ll have to check them out.

I’m only trying to implement a solution for my family, at first sambaPOS looked cool, but in the end… with the amount of steps being created in the tutorial… it just seems to be lots to learn… but there isn’t an open manual with enough tutorial, then again its… like Jesse says… there’s just no way…

Happy to pay for something as long as there’s a quick ways of coming up with a solution… and I think… if it’ll take me a month… I think pen to paper may just be slightly faster… I’m more of a typist

Thanks JTRTech,

Just watched your first tutorial, and it gave me a feel or what I may be dealing with here.

It’s basically rules and options… just wondering is there any documentation on a list of all the possible fields. in which I could print.

scratch my head

Depends on what you mean by fields.
The majority of {CURLY BRACKET} expressions for constraints and values etc are listed in the printer template help panel on the right, most are ticket relative so are not usable in every rule event where there is not ticket association but reporting expressions can also be used.
Each rule event also has a selection of built in [:eventrelated] values which is what you get in the dropdowns but these fields can be freetyped with static or {curlybracket} expressions.

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There is links between them to several videos I did.
Usually recommend having a ‘play’ in a second/testing DB where mistakes dont matter.
Using an action like ask question or show message you can also easily display {values} to check expressions are returning the expected values.

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Quickest method is order tags. You can build it in less than 5 minutes.

Set a product as banquet 1 then order tags for each product in it and set them to auto apply.

Hi Jesse,

I’m assuming you’re responding to my banquet question?

Even though I haven’t had much of a play, and hoping to have a simple system completed. Now it seems like a dream. One day maybe I might get there…

Anyway, the problem with banquets are… we could have as much as say 30 of them… This is of course a extreme scenario. But if I had 30 banquets … and each has 10 dishes, and 5 of them are always the same… but 5 are different. I would hate to have my waiters press 10 dishes just to form a banquet. Wouldn’t Grouping a Banquet together be the best option…

$100 Banquet

  • Dish 1
  • Dish 1
  • Dish 1
  • Dish 1

Slow down and read what I said with order tags. I’ll explain later im driving.

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Auto apply?

Any tutors on this?

I read a few posts you had posted in the past, I thought tagging wasn’t the best option any more after… v5 was release…

I recall doing that … Coffee tutorial via the KB

Selecting coffee… and choose which type… latte, flat white long black … isn’t this how tagging works?

Ok I’ll give this a go… much appreciate the assistance!

P.S I’m clueless on how to auto apply… I’m only assuming here… for tag I put 100banquet

I set a price… of $100… for the product and I clicked the button… all the things I tagged with 100banquet doesn’t appear.

Tags would be the cleanest way as jesse says.
You would have a banquet product. An order tag group for all the options.
Your 5 preset options can be preselected via the menu settings.
If you couple with autoselect of product and min 10 tags options the flow would be;

Add Product,
5 preset tags automatically selected
order autoselected prompting for additional tags
minimim of 10 if set would then require the additional 5 tags to be selected.

The option to auto select tags is in menu settings you type the tags comma separated to auto apply them when that menu item button is pressed.

Look at your menu settings for products and order tags column.

Wow, thanks guys… you’re really pulling me back in with this product… to be honest… if I do get the ball rolling with sambaPOS. I may just stay and learn to tune it for the long run… I guess it’s always the thing… once the product is in… you got to stick with it.

Cheers, I’ll take a look at the solutions advised!

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