How to Design a Simple Delivery System Without an Entity Screen

I am Currently Trying to design a Simple Delivery System in My Sambapos, Can anyone Guide me on how to Design this delivery system.

  1. This Delivery System will not have any Entity Screen

  2. The Delivery System will come with a Delivery Zone which can be selected for a particular customer at a fixed amount charge e.g London zone $5 and Germany $10. this delivery zone are destination where customers food will be delivered to.

  3. The System will come with Deliverer Selection like, Mike as a delivery for zone London zone

  4. Have an account where all Delivery charge will go to for reporting purposes.

Thank you

You can refer to below for guidance.

Thanks Morshed1, but i have already read that and more over i need a very simple design with now entity screen. i am also behind time with this project, i need something simple and fast before i take my time to study and design the Advanced Custom Package Delivery in V5.

  1. You need to create a Delivery Ticket type to have an account for all deliveries. For example you can create a Delivery Sales account with “Sales Accounts” type, create a delivery account transaction type and assign account to it and finally create the ticket type and assign transaction type to it.
  2. You’ll need to create a new Entity Type to define and assign Deliverers to tickets.
  3. You can use Ticket Tags to select a Delivery Zone.
  4. Finally you can use Calculation Types to create a calculation for Delivery Fees.

As both Deliverer Entity and Delivery Fee calculations are can be determined by Delivery Zone you can create a rule to assign them automatically when a Customer is selected. You’ll need a custom field to define delivery zones for customers.

I should say that is not a simple setup for a beginner but if you’re familiar to our terminology you can set it up quickly.

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Thanks Emre that is an excellent design, i will love it if you can just illustrate each design steps with Pics for me. Thanks for the excellent support and a beautiful software.

I used to have a simple to go system… in an earlier setup…

perhpas this is too simple, but it used to work…


Thanks Man, but this is a delivery system.