How to give category buttons fixed value

Hi all.

i am trying to set up v5 for a convenience store and i am a little stuck.

when i click any of the categories it brings up all the products inside the category.

instead i want to be able to do this.

enter a number than click on the category and it will automatically enter it as a sale.

so i enter 1.49 then hit “GROCERY” category button, i want it to automatically add it to the sale as a £1.49 grocery misc item

your help will be appreciated

Make ‘Grocery’ and a product, along with your other ones.
Only have one category and put these ‘category’ products in it.
If you only have one category it will not show the category only the products within.
Make the products 0 priced and use the keypad first will set the product price.
Maybe add an action to show message and cancel the order is price = 0 so if no number is entered first the 0 priced product will be canceled, message could say please enter price first.

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You may also want to have a look at the retail setup im doing, i dont use categoroes at all so the pos screen looks more like the traditional retail/grocery pos screen

All the buttons are on the main screen, some will open new menus with products in to add, some can do what you want. I have a misc item button setup in V5 that when pressed a popup appears to enter price and a description, you can adapt this and label the button as grocery and when pressed enter the price on the keypad that appears

Theres lots of ways to do what you want, the other reason i dont use categories and have multiple menus instead is that most products are barcoded and are scanned so i dont need all the categories on the screen, just other buttons i will need


Heres a few pics of what i have done

@RickH that looks awesome. exactly what i am after

LOL @RickH went to like that show case but already in the like Que just after kendash :smile:

You really hit the big time when you have 7 or more likes on one post. Lol

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I’ve implemented something simple. It will work for 5.1.57 update.

I’ve added misc item under general category.

Added Add Misc Order action to insert misc item into ticket.

Added another action to update item’s name.

This automation command mapped nowhere. It will allow us to map these actions to custom menu buttons. I only gave it a name.

I’ve created a custom menu category and clicked Add Custom Button link to add 5 misc item categories.

I’ve mapped custom buttons to Add Misc Order command.

I’ve edited category to make it appear as Fast Menu.

Finally I’ve added Add Misc Order command rule to add misc item into ticket.

This is how it expected to work.


Thanks @emre , is it possible to do the same with the orange category buttons on the left as well?

Why would you need that? If there are no products in a category why would you want a category?

I think you might be better to go for something like rickH retail setup.

why? because 99% of my items in store will be barcode scanned.

i want to make the category buttons on the left a misc button so i can easily process that 1% of items which are not on the system or cannot be scanned.

so if someone brings to the till a bottle of lucozade and it cant be scanned due to no barcode or not on system, i want to be able to easily just type in the value “1.25” and click on “soft drinks”.

RickH retail setup looks great but with the very little time i have in my hand to play arround with samba pos it will probably take me months to achieve what he has achieved unless he is willing to share his setup with me, but at the moment i dont think he is.

And EMRES solution isn’t acceptable because? You don’t have any products which are priced products and not barcoded?

If you define a single category and do not configure it as fast menu you’ll have no category buttons and custom buttons will appear in place of menu buttons instead of top row. So you can place a button for all related items on screen and add remaining items via barcode.

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