How to settle Delivery Tickets

How to settle delivery tickets directly from Delivery Window
Orders that are showing under waiting orders …if i click on them nothing happens
I had to settle these through ticket tab

If its not setup to ope from there you would need to add automation to do this.
Not done myself but expect you would want to trigger automation command and pass ticket id/number into the rule and open the ticket.

Your setup is incomplete, you should have deliverer entities under the “Waiting Orders” ticket list.

Did you set this up following the tutorial on the forum or by using the configuration task?

Yes i guess need to add automation command as you mentioned …tat means this feature is not fully set .as the other categories buttons are also not responding
and after i settled the delivery tickets they are not adding up under Delivered Order

Im not familier with that setup but other sections have a display ticket button under them.

On Delivery tab under Waiting Order its Ticket Lister thats been added and shows ticket
now If I have to attach an automation command that will open the ticket when I click it …
not sure how to do that :frowning:

I cant answe that muself, havnt done any more advance on entity screen setups like this to date but you will likely find the subject is covered on the forum if you dig arround.

Yes there are few tutorial for V3 setting up delivery screen from scratch I guess I can find it there …Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

The fundamentals will be the same samba has grown allot since then but generally its extra options rather than different.

True that :grinning:

Tutorial for the one you have with V5:

It is also available as a Configuration Task:

If you don’t see it, click Update Tasks.

However I recommend you backup and remove your existing setup if you use the configuration task.

I have enabled it from Configuration Task ; Advanced Delivery Screen Setup
I am able to punch orders by creating/selecting customers
but not able to open/settle/close these orders from delivery screen

We have a delivery screen setup that is based on this one.

You can add the following to the Command buttons field. Note I removed the Display Map button from the code below because it uses local settings on our setup that will not work on yours. You can copy the code for the Display Map button from the Delivered Orders Ticket List you already have.

:Assign<linebreak/>{0}=DLV_Deliverer Command\:TicketId=$1,Deliverer={0}}
<sym> </sym>Display Ticket=Display Ticket

NOTE: This MAY NOT WORK on your setup!

If you check on the tutorial I posted above, you do need to have the Deliverers entity type setup and also add some Deliverer entities to it.

Thanks ,
so to add similar delivery setup i first need to remove Existing Ticket Lists and button that are there by default

Added your code and now I am able to open the ticket and settle it from same window.
but I still dont want to start the new order with creating/selecting a new customer as sometimes we get delivery orders pretty fast where it will be difficult to fill in details for new customer ( we can do that once the order is created )
so can I add a simple button to start new orders in the same delivery screen ?

Change your ticket creation method to create ticket instead of select entity and you’ll go straight to the POS screen instead of being forced to select an entity

I added a button on Screen with Auto command to create new ticket . it does open a new order window for delivery

after I enter the order and click on close to come out of the ticket …it doesnt work

But I can settle it here by selecting payment option and it does get listed under delivery ticket count

so now if I could just make the close tab working

You can’t close a ticket without an entity or a defined ticket tag.

There is an Entity for Delivery Orders

also have created action,rules,and automation command for creating Delivery Orders and Closing Delivery Order

I have basically cloned The Action , Rule , Auto Cmd, from original sets and changed them for Delivery set … may be I missed on changing something
as I am able to close the ticket before I add any order but not after I added any order

You have a delivery entity screen, that doesn’t mean the ticket has an entity selected.
Tables entity type might have an entity screen called tabls but the entities would be say T1, T2 etc.
A ticket cannot be closed without either an entity selected or a ticket tag set.
This is required to prevent unrecallable tickets, else the only way to find it again would be searching ticket list.
If your using this screen only and have other automation for recalling such as tasks or other you will still need an entity or tag.
If you don’t want to select/create entity you can use ticket tag like many of us to for temp bar tabs or similar.