How to show KG or GM in the product Item

Hi, I am using manual weight and want to show item in gram or kilogram on ticket display so I can print it for customer. Currently it just show some decimal numbers as value but no gm or kg. Please guide how to achieve this.

See the attached image for ref.

There’s no way, currently, to do that.

I would recommend changing the item name to include it’s unit of measure, e.g. "Cooked Tenderloin (g)".

you can only show that in the customer receipt
Go to manage>>>Settings>>> program settings>>>Product Tag Caption and put in Unit,Unit2 then you go edit your ticket template and add this under
<J00> {QUANTITY}[=('{QUANTITY}'>='1' ? '{ITEM TAG:Unit}' : '‌{ITEM TAG:Unit2}')] {NAME}|{TOTAL PRICE}

and edit your Kitchen template and add this under
<J00> {QUANTITY}[=('{QUANTITY}'>='1' ? '{ITEM TAG:Unit}' : '‌{ITEM TAG:Unit2}')] {NAME}

then you go under Products and edit the unit of measure according to the product being sold


Hello Llyod,
This works Great!, Thank you so much. One minor issue please guide

when I place 350 gm meat it show 0.35g how can I rectify this.

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It’s actually showing correctly; that’s how it will appear.

Please note that, for example, if you enter 0.350g or any number that ends with a zero after the comma, it will be displayed as 0.35g in your printout.

is there any way to make 3rd number to appear after decimal. In grocery stores customers need such info on their receipt. Rest all works good.

Check this post, you will get your answer there

Hi Lloyd, Thank you so much, its getting better and better. I can display on ticket KG and Gr, Also decimal 0.123 number is visible on ticket print and screen. One last issue please help. I am using meat section barcode and this one works well too. BUT when scan how it does not display weight.

I have achieved barcode meat scan from this post

how can I display the correct weight for this barcode 02-prefix 00290 product 045.00-price 9 decimal
barcode is 0200290045009

  • let say product is 1kg for £17.00 - for £45.00 weight can not display 1kg

I hope my explanation make sense

im sorry i dont work with weights…Search on the forum or make a new post about your issue

Hi @husain

Did you set up BARCODE in program setting?

Enter to Manager->Program Settings->Barcode

setup Barcode setting as below:
Weight Barcode Prefix: 02
Weight Barcode Item Id Length: 5
Weight Barcode Item Id Format: Empty
Weight Barcode Quantity Length: 5

Enter barcode in product page as: 00290

Yes, I did, but while scanning scanning the barcode I was having some errors so So, I changed Weight Barcode Quantity Length: 3 and it WORKING fine!

But how to display scanned barcode weight on the screen or receipt too?

how to achieve weight instead
of “1”. I would be happy to see it on receipt, ticket screen can be ignored.