How to use Print Account Transactions (Detailed)?

Hi guys,

I’ve been absolutely focused on figuring out account statements for checking out customers. At the moment they are being given all the bills they signed during their stay with one total bill.

I really wanted to improve these so I’ve spent last few hours reading and researching.

I stumbled upon this post and its about the closest of what I need. Since every customer is being assigned a new account.

However, I cant figure out how to use that action. I’ve tried attaching it to account screen with both Entity and Account.

I also tried using automation command from ticket screen using {ENTITY ACCOUNT NAME:Customer} to fill in Account Name: [:AccName]

How does this action work?

I don’t think there was an easy solution for this.
Sounds like your talking room accounts?

Yeah, I read your post from top to bottom trying to understand what you were attempting to create and I successfully managed to create a Print Statement with Print Entity action using a custom template.

However, I am trying to create a template that will also list orders from these tickets that were put on a customer account.

Mark’s post gave me an insight but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of possible use for that action. It can only work in the Account Screen (as far as Ive seen anyway). Its pretty neat for when customers are assigned their own accounts though like when they use RFID wristbands solution I made for a different client.

When room accounts are being recycled every check in and check out it doesnt really work as you cant constrain it to certain time, date or so. So I need to create my own solution using your previous post.

Ive seen Q made some sort of script that filters through last payments (where balance was 0) and shows only transactions after that. His tutorial is quite complex and I am a bit out of my depth.

And you are right, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to create this.

I would go with using booking entities and booking accounts, personally, like I did in the in samba room accounts setup. Still had room entities but linked a booking to the room.
This gave clean per booking accounts.
This is how any good booking system does it.
As for itemised account statement I never found a solution and to be fair an account statement normally wouldnt be itemized. It would be a statement of invoices for the account or in samba case tickets.
The issue is as no built in solution to construct a ‘ticket’ consisting of multiple tickets is challenging.
In theory you should be able to do it using scripts and SQL but it would be a pretty complex script, especially once you would also need to be looking at states and order tags etc.

Hey @JTRTech,

sorry for the late reply, Ive been on a little getaway for my girlfriends birthday :slight_smile:

Do you have a tutorial for that? Or some topic where you were slowly coming to a solution that I can follow it through?

Well, I wont give up yet, in case I found a solution for itemised statements, Ill share it on the forum.