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I have a customer that is using software and they are takeaway. They just want to be able to add customer name and enter without the need to add phone number. However, when they add customer who has the same name, the system doesn’t allow. I was thinking to use ticket note, but this note need to be used to put more information. Is there anyway that we can just add same customer name without other field ?

Please advise.


No. The “Name” of the entity is unique. I write “Name” in quotes as it might not be a proper name of the customer but it’s what identifies the entity in SambaPOS.

You can put whatever you want in the ticket note.

If it’s for a walk-in customer, quick item, or a situation in which one doesn’t need a phone number, address, etc., you could create a generic walk-in entity to assign to the ticket, then use ticket note or a ticket tag for the customer’s name.

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Do you have any guide line of how to create the Walk-in customer?

Create it as you would any other customer and name it what you’d like: walk-in, to-go, etc.

For us, we use the phone number 1111111111 as it will never exist and it easy to just mash the 1 key.


Do you know how to display ticket note on the table? eg… if you want to display Customer name you put : EN.Customer or EC.Customer.Name, how about to display ticket note? Since we are using Ticket note as name field, how can I show the name?



You’ve already been in the thread that discusses it at length.

but to get you going, here’s what I used when I was first starting out:

Display format as such:
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:[T.Note]:(TEN.Tables=$1) and (TS.Status=Unpaid) and Ticket.Note != null}

But that won’t display the table name if there’s no note so prepend $1<br/> if you want table number when note is empty.

I never got around for formatting the display for when a bill is requested as we didn’t have/need a printer behind the bar. So you’ll have to figure that out if it is something you’ll be using.

I would recommend, however, to use a ticket tag for the customer’s name. That way you can keep ticket note for, what I assume to be, its original purpose: notes to the kitchen, etc.

This is so great. If I am using note as customer name, is there any way to hide the button customer on the front page? So the staff don’t get confuse?



I’m not sure to what button you’re referring. Could you post a screen shot of it, please.


and also, is there any way to modify this page, eg, some information is not needed and when I change from select column, after I restart my pc, all change is gone.

The change/select customer button is one of the few hard-coded remnants from years ago. It’s there because that entity type is assigned to the ticket. I would assume you could remove entity mappings, but you would have to manually create everything to search for customer, assign it to ticket, etc. And I think it’s more of a pain than it’s worth.

For the second part of your post, that used to be customisable in some version a while back but is no longer. I have an XML settings file from an older version around somewhere that one can edit. I’ll look for it when I return in a bit and we can make something that works for you.

What columns do you want to hide?

I would like to hide , number, user and deliver and also under Customer, i want to show Customer Name. I can do these thing when i click right button on the bar and set but after i restart the PC, its all set back to original.


I use an ask question pop up for name. The action is set to create or select an entity if it exist already. So the flow is very simple. We just use it to assigns a name so it does not matter.

The flow is simple a pop up hits you type name it’s assigned.

OH… Really!
Can you please let me know how do I go about this… :slight_smile:


how does this look to you?

Can you please teach me to do this.


Can you please teach me to do this.

The XML bindings and layout for WPF is still unknown to me. But <property name="Visible">false</property> is clear to me ;-).

Throw the XML file in the attached zip into %USERPROFILE%\Documents\SambaPOS5\Layout and restart SambaPOS.

TicketExplorer.zip (1.3 KB)

Thx very much… :slight_smile: I will do …
Have a good day… or / good night…


It doesn’t work.

  1. I extract the file and then put in to : %USERPROFILE%\Documents\SambaPOS5\Layout

  1. Restart Samba, once I restart samba, Ticket page has gone blank like this :

when I close SAMBA and reopen again, the original setting comes back and the XML files I copped to the folder is disappeared.


Please advise .


I’ll share it soon as I can. It’s really simple. Uses change ticket entity action and ask question action.

Strange - what version are you using?