Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

Easy setup for Kitchen Display - DB Tools Import File

:warning: IMPORTANT: You need to be running SambaPOS 5.1.62 or greater since it contains bug fixes for import of the Entity Screen Layout (Kitchen Display) in the following DB Tools File.

DB Tools Import file

:warning: IMPORTANT: If you have a previous installation of Kitchen Display (either manual steps or import of an older DB Tools file, you need to delete all elements with a “KD” prefix before importing this file. Ensure you delete the following first:

  • Rules with “KD” prefix
  • Actions with “KD” prefix
  • Automation Commands with “KD” prefix
  • Entity Screens with “KD” prefix
  • Print Jobs with “KD” prefix
  • Printer Templates with “KD” prefix
  • Printers with “KD” prefix
  • Task Types with “KD” prefix (SambaPOS may not allow this, no worries)

Download and unzip this file, then Import it…

! (3.7 KB)


  • Task Types
  • Printers, Templates, Jobs
  • Entity Screens
  • Automation Commands, Actions, Rules

Extra Configuration (MANDATORY)

:warning: IMPORTANT: You need to define a Custom Product Tag named productType
and use the Product Tag Editor to set your Products to use either Food or Drink for the productType.

Custom Product Tag - productType

Product Tag Editor - Set productType field

Print Job Mappings - KD Print Tasks GUI

Confirm each Mapping in the Print Job KD Print Tasks GUI has the Product Tag column set to one of the following:

  • productType=Food
  • productType=Drink


Confirm the Printers are configured as follows:

  • the Printer Share Name / Port Name must contain a DOT ( . )

  • the Task Printer Settings link must contain a valid Task Type, one of the following:

    • KD Task GUI - Food
    • KD Task GUI - Drink

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