Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink


Ok, i changed it to the server’s IP address. Still does not update.


Check the Task Editor Widget Settings to ensure property Auto Refresh is selected.


That was it!. It was set to auto refresh but it had a 0 for interval. I changed it to a 1 and it works.


But Auto Refresh with Interval 0 should work just fine, without the need to force it to a set amount. There is something else wrong here.


I agree with QMcKay on this it is designed to refresh screens anytime a ticket is submitted.


The screen is working properly with the refresh setting, but I agree that it should update automatically. It may be something is message server settings though. On a side note, when I have the table selection screen up on another terminal, if I make a change to the table screen (enter a new order) the change is not reflected on the other terminal. To get it to update, I have to exit the table screen and re-enter it. Then the change will reflect. Maybe this will provide some insight.


Means message server is probably not working or setup correctly.


Figured that but the terminals all have the green CONNECTED sign in the bottom left of the screen. I can ping the server from terminals and I have the port open in my firewall and gave the terminals permission to connect.


You are absolutely sure they are connected to the server and not locally? You did not install message server on the clients right?


100% Positive I did not install message server on the clients.


So try changing it to port 9000+ and restart the service then connect the terminals to it see if that makes difference. Also for the terminals use http:\\serverip to connect clients to server.


No. It did not change anything.


On another note, is there a way to have this screen change the order to a “Ready” state? The kitchen could hit a button to mark as complete, the status of order changes to ready, and the server can pick it up. Once picked up, the kitchen can hit a served button to clear it from the screen. Thanks


I had the same issue, everything was configured correctly but sometimes the screen refreshed and sometimes it didn’t, so I set up a macro with AutoHotKey to press the entity tab to fresh the widget every 5 seconds, after many tests, reinstall windows, I don’t know why but auto refresh didn’t work always for me, so i’m still with the macro, I don’t know if the auto fresh would work right now that I updated Sambapos, but I’m not able to do it right know.


See this post Waiter Screen / Ready Orders


Not sure where it is - might be in this Topic or another related one - someone else asked something similar and I demoed how it could be done… you will need to search for it, ready, served.

EDIT: well there you go, @Francisco_Lopez found it for you.


Ah perfect. Restaurant is open so not a good idea to update system while it is live, lol. I’ll implement after hours. Thanks!


Actually, looking through the different tutorials (there are a bunch, lol) what I am hoping to accomplish is not there. I just want the complete button on the KD screen to change the cards to green for completed orders. Then I need an extra button added to KD screen that removes the orders from the screen after they are served. Any help would be appreciated.


I figured out how to change the completed items to green. So what I need now is another button to remove the completed items after they have been served. Thanks.


Ok, so a new problem has emerged with the kitchen display. This started about 10 days ago and the chef has just made me aware of it. Old orders, which have been marked as complete on the screen, will appear at random. It does not do it with every check or order nor does it do it with every order on a check. There is nothing that causes it to trigger it to re fire the order. Even after a check has been closed and settled, it will still re fire some of the items on that check. Nothing has changed with the code in that time period and no templates have been changed either. What could be causing this. I can upload all the screen shots you may need to help fix this, just let me know. In this screen shot, there are some items that re fired all night last night an it stops after the work period is closed.