Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

Additionally you can do this for ticket view:


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total 3 fast breakfast and 2 serpme…
but in the kitchen screen show total 5 fast breakfast :frowning:

hi, i have a problem with kitchen because i try 3 times to make every step but have same problem (try in 2 diferents language).

@ojarana, your Task Editor Widget Settings are not correct. Check the image in this post…

Ensure Allow adding Tasks is not checked.

@Ugur_Guler, check your Food Printer Template again…

It could be problems with language translation but you have missed several steps. Like QMcKay said you should go back and double check and correct the parts you missed.

i review all again and yes the “Ensure Allow adding Tasks is not checked.” have the problem but now all “apear” is fine but not show the thikets on kitchen, i review the names again and think all is ok.
just a small error in “Update Order State Action” because the image say “newStatus” and text say “status” but on boot options not show any. I use default languate to ensure all is fine.

I stuck on this (489.2 KB)

now same problem :frowning:
can you send me backup?
i select 2 serpme but showing total 3 serpme

ok i review all again, just have a diference (6 times verify), in a screen in tutorial have 2 times kd ticket closing <a class=“attachment”

href="/uploads/default/original/3X/7/c/"> (497.1 KB)and i can configure just one time ,

after all is exactly but not show any on kitchen display. not send any. i verify i have food and beberages group and nothing is send to screen. i desesperated because in 2 days need mount software with this option and not have solution. if just have a database working with sample I begin work on this.

I try in diferent hardware and database and not work.

  • Click Select Actions
  • Right-click on LEFT side of action chooser and select Display All Values
  • scroll to** bottom of LEFT side**… the Action will be there and can be added again
  • repeat above steps as necessary to add the same Action many, many times

Now i agree the KD and… no luck, i using sql 2014 and the last SambaPos version. no work.

OK I resolve the main problem (not testing all function but work now)… the problem is (almost) a bug in version 5.1.58 becase make exact same (verified) with 5.1.55 and work fine, i use default database (CE) 2012 and work. 5 days working with last version and think is a bug (maybe). I test full and post the functional database for other.

You should not use CE you should switch to LocalDB SQL or SQL Express. CE is not a good option and has some very bad limitations and performance issues.

So what would be the bug? I have this working with 5.1.58 and so does many other members so that kind of rules out a bug. Perhaps CE database is just not very good with Tasks… I dunno.

When you posted the following error, I indicated that you needed to upgrade from CE to SQL Express…

In my reply immediately following yours…

This is an issue with CE, not v5.1.58. I have been running this Kitchen Display since the Tutorial was created and have upgraded from .55 all the way to .58 with no issue.

I make the tutorial with and work fine, after migrate the database to (testing) sql server 2016 RC0 and work fine, after upgrade to and work fine too.

Now I testing because work great with beverage but not show any with food (yes i have items with {GROUP CODE}=Food, It does not work the void or cancel on beverages but I think is the void is configured only on food (i re configure to add beverages and try).

** Space for updates of procedure **

Your screenshot indicates the Food has been printed as shown by Order Status FPrinted. As to why it is not showing up, it is hard to say.

Be aware that States, variables, GroupCodes, etc are CASE-SENSITVE. Even though the Ticket shows FPRINTED in all-UPPERCASE, your Actions and Rules must use the same character-case all the way through. The Tutorial uses exactly these for Food, in this order: FNotPrinted, FPrinting, FPrinted. The State flow/switching is what makes this work, so it is very important that it is done exactly as shown.

There are many possible points of failure. Now that you have shown what is not working, we need to look at a lot of things… Noting what I said above, the smallest thing can break the entire flow. And the case-sensitivity or spelling mistakes are often the culprit.

  • Task Type for Food
  • Printer setup for Food (Custom Printer with DOT as Printer Name, and Settings configured to use the above Task Type)
  • Print Job for Food
  • Printer Template for Food
  • Product(s) having GroupCode=Food
  • Action for Execute Print Job for Food
  • Action for Update Order State for Food
  • Rules for Food, and possibly Rules for Beverages
  • Task Editor Widget Properties and Settings on the KD Custom Entity Screen for the Food Task Type

That is correct. This is by design for 2 reasons:

  • I wanted to show different ways where you could have 1 Order per Task Card, or multiple Order per Task Card, in the same Tutorial. You can extrapolate and modify it for your own needs.

  • this setup is the way I like it to be, and how I use it in my own venue.

If you want to be able to do Voids on Beverages, you will need to set up Beverages in exactly the same way as Food. As-is, with the Beverages all being grouped on a single Task Card, it does not know how to handle the Void of a single item on that Card. Only the Food configured is set up to handle this.

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im using multiple remote desktop.
i want if select new order, play sound on kitchen screen ?
how do this?

As soon as new order comes up just smack the screen with a spatula that will make a sound. :stuck_out_tongue:


im using v5
can i when add order , play sound on tablet? and im sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: