Kitchen Display Screen

I need to design a kitchen display screen, here is what I want to accomplish:

  1. When a new ticket is created and a kitchen receipt is printed, flag the ticket as un-prepared.
  2. Build a new screen to show all the un-prepared tickets, ideally show each ticket in expanded view. A button below each ticket to mark it “Ready” and optionally print the Kitchen receipt as well.
  3. By default, when you settle a ticket , it is removed from the tables screen, but I want to change that behavior so the ticket stays on the table screen as well on the new Kitchen scree until it is in “Ready” state.

Any advice or pointers will be much appreciated.


You can prepare a screen that displays a Ticket Lister widget that displays Tickets where Ticket’s Preparation State is Preparing.

You can read some general info about State Tracking here

Emre thanks for your kind response. A quick question. Can I show a ticket with all its items in expanded view with the lister widget. Otherwise it will be extremely inefficient for a kitchen staff to click on a ticket to view items in it. Thoughts?

Ticket lister widget uses printing templates to format it’s appearance. So if you include {ORDERS} tag inside widget settings, it will list orders. You can also use grouping, filtering features of printer templates.

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Oh okay, I got it now. Thanks again.

May I know is the Kitchen “Order Ready” feature is for version 4, not version 3? Thanks

V4. Currently untested on V3.
I will be testing soon on V3.

Thanks a lot.
It will be imaging feature if it can add in v3.

V3 setup here Kitchen Display Setup

is that possible to use the same concept to use the display for bar counter to only show drink only? and the kitchen show the food only department? anyway to filter ?

I am working on a department based setup.

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any luck on this? is this possible at all with the current setup of samba? or we need new feature

Yes it is possible with current setup however some configuration needed. John will release a ready to use setup for us for not to deal with some advanced topics. When he have free time of course :slight_smile:

If you want to make it by yourself you can try updating order states by product group and filter orders on Ticket Lister widget by that state for each department. You can get more info from this topic.

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cool, it is good to know that it’s possible already with sambapos.

another thing is I hv 2 set of drink menu, where 1 set is for our own company and 1 set is for another company where we plan to use sambapos to collect all the money.

so is that possible to charge it into different account?

That is the Restaurant and Pizzaria department??? jajajajjajajajajajaja, if so… THANKS!!! in advance!


Anyway to remove made order using enter instead of mouse?

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No. SambaPOS is a touchscreen POS system.

@agilani how did you manage to show the tickets on the kitchen entity…i am stuck at the states??