Kitchen Display Setup

Hi @JohnS, here a print screen, so ther is no confusion…



I managed to make to entities screen, but both show the same… i maybe missing something…



Cool. I will have a look at it tonight.

We have a “Go Live” today at a Club, so it will be busy getting the last of the products sorted and training staff.
4 days to setup and install - this has been the fastest SambaPOS install for us yet.

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When are you coming to “go live” here in brazil?


Not for a while yet

so you dont do all the hard work, maybe you can point me in the right direction… I modified some of the code inside the widget so it shows “Tables Pizzaria” and “Tables Restaurante”, but donot have a clue where should I start looking so each screen “filters” each venue…


It should be just the mappings for the Rules and creating duplicate Entity Screens.
But some Rules will need to be split and reworked for multi department setup.
May not be a simple setup.


ok… do your work in peace!!!

and thank you very much!!!


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@gerlandog, this will have to wait until tomorrow. I only got home a little while ago and I have another early start tomorrow.

We went live today at a venue and all went well - another SambaPOS success :thumbsup:


work in peace!!!



i installed kitchen display and followed ur instruction. first it say kitchen already exits so i replaced the kitcen with sambapos as a user above have mentioned. but then it gave the order to check the version.

so as u have mentioned will i have to uninstall samba and install samab v 4.1.21.

will this mean the default samba menu will be replaced and i will have to clear it again.

and kitchen db will now become the only db to be used

@madiha you can use Kitchen Database as a reference to make your own kitchen display on your production database. The error message you are receiving is not related with database. Message server is useful for synchronizing table displays across terminals. “Message server not connected” message does not mean “database not connected”. If you login SambaPOS database is connected.

You are receiving error because message server is already running. Look for the red apple icon at system tray and close it before re-starting it.

oh but i am a new user how woud i know what steps have you taken to make a kitchen display!!!

can i juz use the kitchen db as production db as i am at initial stage!!

i am still in a process to get my hands on the system & its workflow

HI @JohnS, I was playing with ‘Kitchen Display Setup’. I have come across following behaviour. if a ticket is settled or the items on the ticket is voided before selecting ‘Order ready’ option, Tickets will remain in the kitchen Display screen. Basically you MUST click on ‘Order Ready’ before voiding or settling the ticket.

My understanding is that if a ticket is settled or voided then it should also clear from the Kitchen screen.

In below example, I have two tickets which have been settled or voided but tickets still remains under Kitchen display screen.

The only way to clear the tickets now is to use the Clear Database Transaction option from the Database tools.

The workflow does not support paying a ticket before it is ready. When voiding all items the ticket Kitchen status is still set to preparing but the ticket is closed.

The Payment Check rule ( the one that closes a ticket when remaking amount = 0) is the cause.

Putting a condition in this rule so it only closes a ticket when kitchen status is empty (null) should fix it.

I am having the same issue of tickets not being removed when voided - could you clarify what I need to change in order for this to happen?

I know I need to do the following but could you give a step by step guide for those that don’t fully understand :slight_smile: thanks

I have made the following changes to the Kitchen Display
1… If all items are marked as Void, the ticket will close fully from all entity screens
2… Tickets can be paid for and still can be processed via Kitchen Entity screen. Ticket is fully closed once Delivered
3… Updated the Delivered Automation Button to only show when orders are ready

Test first before importing to a production database as there has been a few changes. (2.3 KB)

PS - If you have duplicate Rule Names, remove the Rules ending in (K)


Hi @JohnS, is there any chance that the kitchen display is filtered by venue?


@gerlandog since everybody have different venue setups releasing a solution that fits everyone won’t be possible. You can easily implement this for yourself. You can modify widgets to display tickets that created on a specific department or that have a specific ticket type.

The values you need to know is the department or ticket type ids. Check Departments or TicketTypes tables for Id numbers. If the department id is 2 you can edit ticket lister widget settings to filter out other tickets by typing DepartmentId is 2 expression or TicketTypeId is 2. You can find a sample here:

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OK!!! thanks!!! I will give it a try now!!!