Kitchen Display Setup

Dear @Emre and @John,


DepartmentId is 2




Updated and all is great :slight_smile: had to change state colours and alter a couple of cloned rules and the delivered button was mapped twice because I had customised original mapping. other than that no problems so far.

Thanks so much - I am so pleased with how everything is working in our setup in the UK

@gerlandog, sorry if you felt a bit left out. It’s been really busy here as you may have guessed by my absence.

As @emre stated, everyone’s config is slightly different and I hadn’t found a simple solution to help split the departments, but with some of the latest changes especially with the Ticket Widget, it now is a lot easier without modifying a heap of rules.

This is why SambaPOS is developed using real world scenarios, so little improvements can have a bigger overall impact and it helps create a stepping stone to more widely usable features.

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Thanks @John, I managed to make it work in both venues with your configuration and @emre help with the filter!!!

You dont have to apologize!!!

Now a simple question… what happens if I have this situation…

Table makes an order, waiter takes the order and kitchen does not clickin order ready… and I dont clikc in delivered button… but i want (and this is imperative) to settle the table… is there any way to make the settle button to override all states?



would this do the trick?

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Ive noticed that since updating my ‘Has reservation’ changing state is not updating… too tired to look into it now … but before I do … was wonerding if it was something beyond me :slight_smile: … thanks as always

@gerlandog, yes that should work.

@windinghouse, it could be a clash between Rules. If you step through your Reservation setup, the issue should be obvious - it may even be a Condition in a Rule that’s the problem.

@JohnS, Thanks John - I have gone through this and now resolved - learning more everyday about how it all works - Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

I have one more issue - when I have 2 tickets on the same order . Once the process of 1st ticket marked as ready on Kitchen entity screen and then the waitress marks as delivered the Status updates as expected to Unpaid & Delivered. This shows as the case on both of the tickets as expected. However once I merge the 2 tickets to then provide the final bill and to settle - the status changes to New and Preparing and therefore will not close the ticket. please help :slight_smile:

Many Thanks as always


I will add one more complexity to this…
The field ORDER FILTER is ment to filter each line of orders? for example, could we add an expression to filter all orders that should go to the kitchen and not display the ones that should go to the bar?



Hello Everyone,

Could be a silly question, but I will ask it anyway. I am trying to have two buttons instead of the “ORDER READY” button on the kitchen screen. Intention is to have the workflow to include :-

  1. Entree Ready
  2. Mains Read

Any guidance on the correct way to achieve this is much appreciated.

@JohnS & @emre I have been using the kitchen screen since I implemented the procedure and the database provided by @JohnS. Now, I have a question:

Is it possible to follow the same procedure but not when the customer leaves the premises? I mean if the customer is a walking customer and pays immediately but the order should be posted to the Kitchen Screen and the Kitchen staff should Order Ready to clean the screen?

Your advise would highly be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.


Syed Waqas Ahmad

I posted an update several comments ago to handle pre payment of orders.
Whether a customer pays first or last the order is sent to the kitchen for processing.

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Dear @gerlandog , how did you set departmentid is 2? Where Is it set and when we can used this number? Now 1 Kitchen display is ok, I would like to set up for 2 kitchen.


@JohnS Dear I just imported your new updated Procedure today and found out the Work Flow is missing in your reply. If you already have posted the work flow can you please send me the link of that if not then can you please guide how my posted query functionality can be attained.

Thanks and Regards,

Syed Waqas Ahmad

Scroll back up and look for

@JohnS I was implement your already. It work well for 1 kitchen but I have two kitchen. Can we set up kitchen display for 2 kitchen. As your file when kitchen 1 click on display data in kitchen 2 will loss.


@tudtude Welcome to SambaPOS forums. The reason we release samples here is demonstrating features of SambaPOS so you can understand how it works and implement your own solution for your business. We’ll happily answer your all questions and when needed we can implement missing features but creating specific solutions is something beyond we can handle.

I understand most restaurant owners does not have time to learn SambaPOS features and needs quick solutions. In this case by posting a paid service request you can reach people who can do it for you. Thanks.

@windinghouse wht changes have you done to remove the clonning and delivered button mapping twice

i am trying to do but no luck so far dont know where i am going wrong


hi, any chance we can map products by category