Kitchen Display Setup

Dear John,

Can you email me those Zip file as well?

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Allen Koay

@allenk it attached here.

… also there is an improved version here.

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how to change the color of the command button:

i did this way found on forum

Order Ready=Order Ready:Green,Gray

please correct me

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so i am right thanks

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hi ,
First, my apologies , I write and speak so little English .

I’m new to this forum and I’m very impressed by this app and support provided .
I have three requirements that I tried to implement in the kitchen display but I have not succeeded.

  1. Is possible to change the color of some order lines ? Specifically when they are voided.

  2. It is possible to show elapsed time since order entry?

  3. It is possible to implement a order background color change based on the elapsed time? Something like an alert to anticipate delays ?

Thanks so much for your help.


Hello @rnunez,

Your in luck my English is really good. Or maybe that’s not a good thing for you haha. Anyway to answer your questions.

  1. No not at the moment at least. Instead you can put words on it like VOID

  2. Elapsed time since order entry might be possible I have not done that myself so maybe someone with more experience in that will chime in and let you know more specifics.

  3. That is not possible right now but that is a great idea. Maybe ask that as a Request using Request forum category and @emre can give you a more direct answer.

Hello @rnunez you’re fine, my English is not even terrible.

{ORDER STATE MINUTES:X} and {TICKET STATE MINUTES:X} tags displays durations in minutes. For example {TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status} will display how many minutes passed after Status state last changed.

Ticket lister supports some text formatting html tags but I need to find a way to combine it with printer templates. Implementing proper syntaxes for such conditional customizations is something needs some more technical work.

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Could we use {TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status} with Update Application Subtitle Action, using the Ticket Header location (rather than Subtitle) to change its color?

Ok, I’m sorry, I tried to say that my english is so bad…not yours…
With this situation, I confirm my bad english…well… :frowning: :frowning:
Thanks for your help. I will try to implement the suggested command.


You did fine we were joking with you :innocent:

Hello everybody!

In a Kitchen Display, is possible configure a Ticket Lister to show every Order# by apart?

  1. Open a new ticket and put one new order.
  2. After a few minutes take another order in the same ticket but the first order is in kitchen yet.
    I want that the new order is shown separately like a new job. This option would help to the kitchen people to show a new job and not confuse or ignore it .

So you want orders split off the ticket and shown as their own tickets but only in kitchen display?


Show like:

Or maybe is possible to make orders group in the Ticket Lister like in the Ticket entry screen.!

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You can make orders group yes. Look here.

I don´t understood.
Based in my last post, something like this is possible?

Hi @emre,

In a Ticket Lister, I tried to use {TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status} tag to filter tickets and show only tickets with last status >= 10. I set the Expression field: {TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status}>=10 but the lister not show anything. Also I tried to set the Filter field with the same expression but nothing.
What is the correct expression or equivalence to show only tickets with more than n minutes?

try '{TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status}' > '10'

Where are you putting this filter?

Hi @kendash
I tried with ‘{TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status}’ > ‘10’ and {TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status} > 10 but nothing.
I put in a Ticket Lister in the Expression parameter and in the Filter parameter. Both with the same result. The Ticket Lister show in blank.
I also tried with the Order Filter parameter putting {ORDER STATE MINUTES:KStatus}>=10 and this work very well. But I want filter the Ticket and not the orders.