Kitchen Display Setup

Using {ORDER STATE MINUTES:KStatus} and not the {TICKET STATE MINUTES:KStatus }, I got that my kitchen screen look like I wanted.
I could be separated by time the tickets to highlight the most backward in kitchen .

In my example, the tickets with more that 15 minutes show it in red color.
Well, to close the tickets in kitchen i don’t want a traditional button.
I modified the procedure to show a message to decide if release the ticket or not after select it in the Ticket Lister.
The message work very well but I want to show the Table Number in the text of the question, but I don´t know how can I do it.
I tried using {ENTINTY NAME:Table} but nothing in the
In the next picture I show mi idea. Anybody could say me how can I do that?


You have to load that entity first. You are not inside a ticket. use load entity action put I in same rule as your question put it before the question action.

Why not just use a command button vs an ask question?

I tried to follow your recommendation but I don’t get results. See next picture.
Please, I need that you explain me about the Load Entity Action, or how can I set the parameters?

To show red Tickets I use 2 Ticket Lister. I don’t want to show 2 buttons to release the Ticket (one by Ticket Lister). Then, if I show an Ask Question message, the users simply select the ticket (in any Ticket Lister) and then checked if they really want release it. For me are more intuitive.

Another problem that I have is: when show the tickets in the Ticket Lister. The tickets don’t show after pass the first minute. This situation are because the {ORDER STATE MINUTES:KStatus} don’t have values from 0 to 1 minutes.
I tried to set the filter like ‘{ORDER STATE MINUTES:KStatus}’==’’ or like {ORDER STATE MINUTES:KStatus}==NULL or {ORDER STATE MINUTES:KStatus} + 1 <= 15 but nothing.
If you have any idea , I’d appreciate it.

i edited order ready rule, and afterward i edited it back to original

  1. Load Ticket
  2. update ticket status
    3)update order status
  3. close ticket

and do default mapping and now the order ready button in kitchen entity screen stopped working.

help pls.
i was only testing something else

solved, there is more constraint to set under each selected action. cool learnt something new

Hi John,
I have sambapos 4.172 and sql server 2012 express. I imported the KitchenDisplayUpdate.txt, I see Kitchen screen, but nothing appears on this screen when I created new orders/tickets.

What could go wrong, please advise.


Hi, I am interested to have separate kitchen screen. May I know how do I setup the hardware? Can I just have one POS PC connecting to 2 screens? One for the cashier and one for the kitchen chef. Thanks.
Appreciate your sharing.


Hi Emre, JohnS,
I have installed SambaPOS and running on SQL server 2014 and SambaPOS build 4182.
Very professional and I’m new with Sambapos
I have tried everything to convert the Database Kitchen Display V2 as i would need a Kitchen display to continue.
Can someone help me out to convert this to the latest version or explain me what to do as i’m spending last 4 day’s to get this running.
Thanks Peter

You can download db tools export file for kitchen display from here

Hi pizzaeilat4, thanks for the quick reply.
Great will try this. only how do I export or import the KitchenV2_Full.bak
Let me look of I can use SQL Server 2014 Import / Export tool for this.

No.sorry this is not An database tools export file
This is a backup full database to demonstrate how it’s working
I will upload shortly an export file for you.
You can install it using database tools module.
You need to install this module from sambamarket.

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Thanks, really appreciated,
I hope I can change our existing POS system (Made in Vietnam) and full of bugs soon for SambaPOS
waiting on your export file and instructions.

Here is the file i found it above on this topic

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Thanks for the great help. The tool works perfect and worth the money. Now I can move on.
All imported and working.
Just one question, can I extend the Kitchen screen on a second screen connected to the computer.

Here is a much simpler tutorial for basic kitchen display. Since you are new I recommend following this and setting it up via the tutorial instead of downloading a file. This will get you familiar with the software and how it works.


Hi, I think this is one of the basic versions.
I have imported the Upgrade file KitchenDisplayUpdate but no change.
If I open a table, the colour is not changing of the table Status: Unpaid#Current Status = New Order (to the orange colour)
The button Print Bill and Add Ticked is faded out.
I have just received the link for the " tutorial for basic kitchen display" not sure to roll back to the basic version and then start with the manual, or of there is a version that does work.

Hi Kendash, thanks for the info, will go true this to learn more how it works.

Hi Kendash, Thanks for pointing out the Manual. I have started from scrap and learned some mistakes. This morning a new go and within 2 Hour I had the system up and running as I liked.
I will defiantly go on further developing and experimenting.

Hi Kendash, can you help me out, I try to get the timer running if a new order / Ticket is made.
I use {ORDER STATE MINUTES:KStatus} in the Ticket lister, but all tickets show the same time.
have tried all what I could find in the posts but possible I oversee something. Help appreciated.

Hi Kendash,
i have my timers working in the Kitchen display.

Also try to add customer on the ticket, but each item ordered repeat the name.
[{ENTITY NAME:Customer}]

Can I modify this that the name is only shown once?

Still like to implement the Appetizer / Dinner / Dessert in the Kitchen Display.
Any hint were to look for the manual or code.

O yes and forgot one thing, if the order is 2x Onion Soup, the display only Onion Soup but not the amount. Help is appreciated.