Metrik mobile reporting app


Hi there,

Metrik app also showing no data. We have a valid licence, internet connection, firewall disabled, no antivirus, installed SambaPOSConnect, scanned the QR code on the android app and no data.

Then uninstalled SambaPOSConnect and reinstalled still nothing. I have a service called metriK Service that is running and working.

Anything I’m missing? Does it work only when the work period has ended or does it give all info from the database?


It only works for tickets that have been paid. Not sure if that makes difference. It wont report open tickets.


Hi @kendash,

Thanks for the reply. I’m setting this up for a client as I’m a reseller. They have been operation for about 6 months so there should be plenty of paid tickets.

Can anyone maybe give more info as to how the data gets pushed to the cloud or requirements? The is very simple.


Not sure if it backdates or not, think metrick keeps its own records rather than calling live from database, has there been paid tickets since installing metrik?


Hmm my Metrik stopped working too. I wonder if they did something to the cloud host? @tayfun any idea?


stopped working for me too


@mehmet do you have any idea?


I will inform the team for checking the servers.


I am interested. I think some services have stopped. I’il give you some information.


We apologize for the inconvenience.
The problem with metric was fixed.
All services was Up.
No data lost.
All data will be updated within a few minutes without any loss of data.


Are you still working on it? I’m getting this now.


Hmm perhaps it’s because I don’t have a license on that account. I swear I did. Maybe not.


Still Not working for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Fixed, you should get data now.


Still not getting anything


Maybe it’s a license problem?
Looks like a demo expired on 14/10/18


Ok. We will check it again. @VehbiEmiroglu


How did you get that demo license on there? Every MetriK I have setup shows no license in CP and works fine.

Also wasn’t aware you had started charging for MetriK considering it is still just a real time dashboard, none of the reports work, all “coming soon”…


Now we havent any delay for getting data.


@mehmet @VehbiEmiroglu I am still unable to get data from Metrik either. I even regenerated the QRcode nothing seems to work.