Need Help to add Supplier Account

I am new in samba and I need little help to creat Accounts system for Supplier. Like

I can add Multiple Supplier
I can purchase inventory from supplier account
I can see balance of every supplier
I can pay Cash to Supplier
I can see supplier account screen

So please anyone help me to do this.


Check this. You have a idea.

I can’t find any solution from your link.

If I understand you well so I set up a system for you. Which allows us to keep track of transactions with suppliers.

  1. We have to create Account Type.

  2. Create a Account Screen

  3. Create Supplier Account Transaction

  4. Create Supplier Payment Transaction

  5. Create Document Types ( Supplier Cash ) to pay Cash to supplier.

  6. Create a Entity Type.

  7. Create a Entity Screen

  8. Automation Command

Finally you can get this type of system.


great. I am very thankful to you. i want same feature.

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