Need help to create discounts

First i need help to create a %15 discount for our VIP members for food and drinks
(they have already numbered VIP cards)

Than i need help for Happy Hours discount
%20 off all Cocktails for each customer between 6pm till 9pm incl. VIP members!

And staff discount (family and friends) %30 off .

Sorry i am not a computer PRO. Please help.

Heres a tutorial i did, it will automatically add the discount when the customers card is swiped. I have changed this setup slightly now due to having lots of rules involving numberpad input. I now have a discount menu that opens up different option, one being customer discount, so i now press customer discount button then swipe the card so you could adapt if needed but this should give you an idea

Another similar tutorial i did here for vouchers that you could adapt and use

Another to look at

So show us what you have tried so far and we can help you. What tutorials did you try and what is not working?