VIP & Happy Hour

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Hello, I’m following the tutorial and adding first rule - “CD Modify Ticket VIP State when Entity Changed”. When I try to Select action, I can choose only one time “AC CD Update Ticket Vip State” action. When I open the “Select Actions” menu I’m seeing that “AC CD Update Ticket Vip State” is on the right side of the window, but I can’t put it twice or duplicate it, so I can be able to se active - Inactive option. Do you have any idea why is that? I’m with 4.1.85 ver. of the software.

Right-click in the left side of the Action chooser, and click Display all values.

Then scroll to the bottom of the Action list - it will be there.

You can do this multiple times.

Thank you, it was right where you said.

Hello again, I’ve done exactly all steps as above but I have problems with VIP account. When I choose some drink and select the VIP customer, nothing happened. I have to go “CLOSE” and go back to the same ticket to see the calculated discount. It’s the same when I want to change the account to the Normal one (without discount). Do you know why is this happening?

Put a display ticket action with 0 for ticket id into the rule. Make sure its the last action. It is working just fine but display ticket will refresh it so it shows.

Sorry but I didn’t understand where to set ticket ID, which rule or action?

A “Refresh Ticket” Action should not be necessary, however, this is what you need to do…

Create an Action for Display Ticket - name the action whatever you wish - I suggest “Refresh Ticket”. This is a commonly used Action that you can use in many Rules. Set the Ticket Id parameter to 0.

Add the above Action to any Rules where you want to ensure that the Ticket display is updated, as the last Action of the Rule.

This is particularly useful (and necessary) when you use something like an Update Ticket Tag Action in a Rule. The action of updating a Ticket Tag does not refresh the Ticket display natively. You need a “Refresh Ticket” action for it to reflect the change in the Ticket Tag.

Thank you QMcKay, I’ve done it but after that, I saw that I have made one mistake with the code of one action. I fixed it and now everything is perfect. Thank you.

I have this all implemented, but it doesn’t seem to allow me a price reduction of 0.50 ?

Is there something I’m missing?

I put into the price tag editor 0.50 but it doesn’t reduce the price, however if I put in 1.50 it reduces it by 1.50…


did you type 0.50 or just 50?

I tried 0.50 and .50 surely if i did 50 it would use 50.00?


Yes it would. did you actually type the 0 in 0.50 or did you just type .50?

EDIT: NM I see probably a constraint somewhere preventing that.

EDIT: It might be the action constraint that says it must be >0 that might need to change to >0.00

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yeh I was actually using 0.50 :slight_smile: ill try that now, which constraint was it?

Or try >[=TN('0.00')]

I’m going back over, can’t see where to change this…

Was action constraint not custom constraint. The tag order actions.

so replace '{ORDER STATE:DiscountType}'=='HH' && [=TN('{ITEM TAG:HH}')]>0

with '{ORDER STATE:DiscountType}'=='HH' && [=TN('{ITEM TAG:HH}')]>[=TN('0.00')]


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Try that yes. Not sure if it will work but worth a try.