Need Sales Tax Calculated Before Discounted Total Ticket Amount

I have implemented this Calculation Type for Sales Tax

and the Sort Order of Calculation Types is as follow:

I also implemented a custom line discount amount as follow:

My problem is I want the Sales Tax 10% is to be calculated before the discounted Total Ticket Amount.

For example:
The Ticket has the following items:

  • 1 Soup and Cracker 2.99
  • 1 Chicken Greek Wrap 5.99
    *** Discounted: -1.00

The Total Ticket Amount before the Discounted $1.00 for Chicken Green Wrap is $10.00. Therefore, the Sales Tax of 10% should be (10% x $10.00) = $1.00.

However, it is calculated to be $0.90 which is the Total Ticket Amount after the Discounted $1.00 for Chicken Green Wrap, which is $8.98. Thus, the Sales Tax of 10% is calculated by the system to be ($8.98 x 10%) = $0.90.

Can anyone please help me on how to accomplish what I want? The Tax institution in my country requires the Sales Tax to be calculated before the discounted price of the items sold. The same thing applies to Service Charge.

Thank you.

Have you looked at tax templates?

Hi. I am sorry to ask you this but I am new to SambaPOS. I just tested out SambaPOS last week. What do you mean by Tax Template? How do I accomplish what I want by using Tax Template? I am using SambaPOS version 4. Thanks.

Its under products. You create an account and an account transaction type for Taxes and then you choose your rate and rounding.

I will show you some screenshots one moment.

Create an Account Type:

Create Accounts:

Create Account Transaction Types:

Create your Tax Templates:

Map the Templates Accordingly how you want:


Once you have your tax templates setup you can tick the option for Discount as Tax Included or Not.

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Where do I see the tick option for Discount as Tax Included or Not?

In the calculation for discount.

@Jesse, I tried your suggestion but I am still not getting what I want. As you can see from the screen shot above. The Tax Total is only $0.90. It is supposed to be $1.00 because the Tax Total is calculated from (2.99 + 6.99) x 10% = 1.00

Did you tried enabling Tax Free option for Discount order tag group? That is implemented to exclude tag amount from tax calculation and your need sounds like something similar.

PS: You need to create new tickets to test that.

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How do I do that? Thanks.

Go to the order tags settings, select the discount order tag, press edit and there is a tick box to enable tax free for that discount tag

Press save

You then might need to log out and log back in to refresh the cache so the changes take effect

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Hi Rick,

Thanks for the info. I followed your instruction but the Sales Tax is still calculated from the Discounted Total Ticket Amount. The issue is still not resolved yet.

Any ideas on how to resolve my issue?

Did you log out and log back in?

Yes, I logout from SambaPOS and login again.

Show screenshot of your order tag for discount? You must have made a mistake because enabling tax free on discount works. See following screenshots.

Before Discount Item Applied:

After Discount Item Applied:

Is there something else within the system that I might have configured incorrectly? Thank you.

Are you using any calculations?

Yes, I used Sales Tax calculation type.

Below is the screen shots:

You need to use a Tax Template for the taxes. Calculations work differently than taxes. I explained that earlier.

Calculations are not Taxes…

Alrite. I will try that. I put the Calculation Type Sales Tax because it works for other scenario, which is the Tax Amount has to be calculated before any discount is applied to the Bill.