Need some guidance with kitchen display please. Odd behavior

Hello Samba Users,

I am in need of some guidance, it seems I am unable to find my mistake on this odd issue.
I followed this tutorial to setup my kitchen and bar display

But i have some issues (I tried deleting everything and setting everything again from zero but same issue)
My problem is this, Everything shows in the kitchen Display and nothing on the beverage display. however (I have main server, 4 ipads mini, kitchen and beverage display) Two tables connected to server using RDP only print on the Beverage display and the rest print only on the kitchen display.

What i am trying to do is separate food to the kitchen display and beverage to the beverage display and have all of the terminals print on the correct display.

Bellow are the screenshots of my current configuration: (any help would be much appreciated)

Sorry for the long post. Hope someone can give me a hand so i can fix this amazing software.
Thanks for your time and happy holidays!!

Hmm… In fact there is a simpler way to implement template mapping stuff of this.

First define a custom product tag name Item Type.

Setup Item Type tag as follows.

Setup a sing Print Job and Map Items as shown here.

Now executing that print job should correctly create related task.

PS: If you have multiple custom tags that may have Food value you can also define product tag mapping as Item Type=Food instead of just Food.


Before trying this is will be a good idea to wait for @QMcKay’s input as he implemented a custom display state and I’m not sure if separating mappings is required regarding that.

Great suggestion to make things simpler for others. I happen to already have my Group Codes set to separate Food/Drink, so it was an easy choice for me, rather than using a Custom Product Tag and tagging every item.

@Ruben_Arellano, you have 2 Rules for Ticket Closing event for Food, and 2 Rules for Ticket Closing for Beverages. It should not be this way. The Tutorial does not show this. There should be only 1 Rule for each of Food and Beverage. For example…

##KD Ticket Closing - Update KDStatus - Beverages (Print) [Ticket Closing] (Rule)##

Rule Name: KD Ticket Closing - Update KDStatus - Beverages (Print)
Event Name: Ticket Closing
Rule Tags:
Custom Constraint List (0):
Execute Rule if: Matches

##Actions (3):##

KD Update Order KDStatus

Constraint: (none)

CurrentState: BNotPrinted
NewState: BPrinting
KD Execute KD Print Job - Beverages

Constraint: (none)

state: BPrinting
KD Update Order KDStatus

Constraint: (none)

CurrentState: BPrinting
NewState: BPrinted


Terminal User Role Department Ticket Type

You are probably not aware of how to add the same Action more than once to a Rule, which is what you need to do for KD Update Order KDStatus action.

Click on the Select Actions link:

  • on the left side, right-click and choose Display All Values
  • move the action(s) you need, from left to right
  • repeat as many times as necessary

Then you should delete your Rules that have the 2 suffix:

KD Ticket Closing - Update KDStatus - Food2
KD Ticket Closing - Update KDStatus - Beverage2

Thanks for your reply.

However I am not able to select from the Action list: KD Update Order KDStatus twice, it only appears once on the list

Thats why i created the second rule

KD Ticket Closing - Update KDStatus - Food2
KD Ticket Closing - Update KDStatus - Beverage2


Do you not understand the instructions I just gave you?

Right-click on the left side of the Action chooser and select Display All Values.

It will then show you previously added Actions.

Upps I am sorry
you are correct, able to select it from the list twice
testing right now funtionality
Will post update soon

Ok so i deleted both of the extra rules i created by mistake, closed Samba and reopen it, created a new ticket but same issue still going.
I got both food and beverage showing on the kitchen display

I am confused mmm…

Show your Ticket Closing Rules for Food and Beverage, with Actions expanded.

here they are

It looks like your Kitchen (Food) Print Job is not filtering your Products by Group properly.

Try what @emre suggested. It will simplify things quite a bit.

mmmm ok so I tried the new setup @emre recommended but the end result is exactly the same
Food and Drinks still showing only on the Kitchen display

soo weird

@QMcKay why you needed KDStatus? Doesn’t Status state does something similar?

It’s not that I need KDStatus, because yes we could use the Order Status State.

However, there is no way to know for sure that a users system does not have in place other Rules/Events that alter the Status State, which would make troubleshooting very difficult. So I prefer to define States for specific purposes.

This is, after all, the purpose of States, and the reason that we use them. It becomes very clear when tracing user-defined States such as KDStatus what is happening in the flow. Trying to track why/how/when the Order Status State is changing is not something we should need to even question when we have KDStatus State.

@Ruben_Arellano, at this point, you should only have the following active Rules:

Instead of deleting the Rules that you do not need, you can simply remove their Mapping to deactivate them. Be sure you only have the Rules shown above as Active.

Add a Food Order and a Beverage Order to a Ticket, and grab a screenshot. Then close the Ticket and re-open it and grab another screenshot. We are going to look at the Order State assignments and changes to see what is happening so we can narrow this down.


Ok this are the rules that i have

Only the Club Sandwich is showing the wrong status as BNotPrinted and should be NotPrinted

Then it is probably Tagged incorrectly as ItemType=Drink/Beverage.

Need to see what changes when you close the Ticket, then re-open it again. Ticket Closing event is where the States are changed and the Task Print occurs.

Looks like States are changing as expected.

You should have 2 Printers, 2 Printer Templates, and 1 Print Job. And 1 Action to execute the print Job…

Also, verify your Task Editor Widget Settings…

Two printers food and beverage

How did you get the sort order option???

Should not have anything to do with your issue, but you should uncheck those boxes.

Allow adding tasks
Dont create task history

Beta test release has Sort Order. It will be available in 5.1.57