Neeed help in warehouses

I want to setup warehouse and I cant understand how it work please

Please take some time to use the Search function of the forum there is plenty of discussions explaining most aspects of the system. Here is a good place to start:

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Many of those are for version 5 but can also work with version 4 its good reads.

which one of them will teach me how to set up it because i feel lost

If you take a few moments to read them, you can answer the question yourself :wink:

Other forum users are not going to volunteer their time to others who don’t make the effort to use the search and actually read existing topics before asking questions.

If there is something you are stuck with and don’t understand, you can ask on that topic or here. But please make the effort first by reading them.


i am bad in English so i do all my best to read all this topics so i was want someone to help me to focus in the topic that can help me to translate it iam not lazy or dont want to make effort and thank you :slightly_smiling:

Ok no problem, I understand possibly it can be difficult to read all topics if English is not your first language. However please appreciate this is a community forum. Maybe if you want someone to help you personally, you can create a topic in the Ads category for paid support.

V4 inventory is very similar to V3’s so this document will give a rough idea.