Order line separation and kitchen print


I really can’t create a line that separates the flow rates. I have sambapos5. You can help me ?

first course
spaghetti 1

Second course
Spaghetti 3
beef steak

Third course

ect ect

Thank you

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What do you want sorry?

Empty line would be something like <L00>
A linebreak line could be something like <F>-

a line that separates the first course, the second one, the third course.
The waiter decides where to put the line break

In the menu I have appetizers, first courses, second courses, but the first course is not necessarily appetizers. Maybe it’s a first and a starter. Or a second and a dessert.
I hope you understand, I have to manually put a line dividing the courses. Thanks to the fantastic group

OK, so you want grouping rather than just a separator. If noone comes back beforehand will show you in a bit.

There is a way to do line. One sec I find it

I thank you for the answer.
I miss the button to be able to draw the line in the order.
Can you help me ?
Thank you

If you want to group by course it’s not a case of just adding a line you set orders to be grouped by whatever factor your using to define courses and set a group header.
See here

I’ll explain you better. When the waiter takes the orders, customers may not be able to order natural courses. There are appetizers that can be ordered in other courses.
In a table of 4 people The first course can be:
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------- (separator line)
1xSpaghetti (Pasta)
2 x Fried artichokes (appetizer)
1 Braised beef (second)
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------ (separator line)
1x Steak (second)
2x Fettuccina (pasta)
1x salad (side dish)

I hope I was clearer. Thanks anyway.

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how are you setting that, are the separators courses right? second group goes out after first is cleared.

I think he just wants to manually press button to seperate. Which is what I linked.

Fantastic, without you it would have taken me 1 year.
Another little question !

Does this feature also apply to the android application?

No it does not right now. Maybe in the future. There is not a way to do that via mobile client yet.

Thank you !!!:grinning:

It would be great if they added the separator option in the mobile client for the next update

Good again, is the sambapos team thinking about adding line separator in mobile client in some future update?

Course separation can be setup as part of the print template based on dish. If you have clearly defined starters/mains etc you can make it print them grouped by course

Yes I know, but in the restaurants I carry, they are usually changed, the main ones for the starters and it is very difficult.

The simple thing is that you could put a simple line to separate from the app, most kitchens want it that way, or at least in all the restaurants where I put the program.

It is a simple request, otherwise, the application is already quite good, it has improved a lot since the beginning.

Is it specificly in the android app your asking about as you can change in main samba i know for fact.
Thats how I have it at the hotel.
I use state grouping for custom course state which can be updated.
This isnt possible in android app though.

Yes, of course, my question-request is for the android app.