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I have a scenario for you that I need some help with.

I am setting up SambaPOS for my kids school canteen.
I have setup Pre-Orders for lunch orders for a week and this is working well. I have setup Entity Screens to show what orders are in for each day of the week.

Problem 1 - I am using a Ticket Lister Widget on the entity screen to list the Pre Orders but I need to be able to select all tickets at once and then process them (convert to a real ticket and close). I have it setup so I can manually select each ticket on the entity screen and then use an Automation Command Button to process all the selected tickets.

Problem 2 - We need to produce a merged Kitchen order for all Pre Orders for a given day. We can do it per order once a Pre Order is converted to a real order and closed, but we need this before hand for ordering stock and it needs to be for all Pre Orders. So basically 50 tickets on the one Kitchen order.

Hello John.

  1. Do you need a “select all” command on widget or some different action to process all tickets?
  2. Do you need a single print out that all ticket orders merged to a single ticket or do you need to print all tickets to a single paper separately?

A ‘select all’ command for widgets would be great.

All ticket orders merged to a single ticket printout.

Let me understand another point. When you select all tickets and process them would you like to merge them to a single ticket or create 50 real tickets?

@JohnS I mean can we merge all pre order tickets to a single ticket and print?

Create 50 Tickets. As it works now we can select and process Pre Orders and it prints a Kitchen Order for each Ticket which is then used to make the order. This is working as required, but we need a way of selecting all tickets listed in the Ticket Lister Widget on the Entity Screen instead of having to manually select them one at a time.

The second part is we need a Kitchen Order listing all Pre Order Tickets (merged) so we can purchase the food required to make the Pre Orders.

I’ll try to break it down a bit more.

  1. On Friday all Pre Orders are sent to the canteen
  2. The staff enter all Pre Orders using the childs name and class and marks the Ticket as a Pre Order for Monday or Tuesday, etc which also pays the ticket (no money no order)
  3. We then need to then print a Kitchen Order for all Pre Orders - Think of this as merging all tickets to a table and then printing out one Kitchen Order for the complete table. This is used to order all the food required to make the Pre orders for the following week. We would do this for each day.
  4. On Monday we will select all Pre Orders (for Monday) and Process them, which will convert to a real ticket and close them, which also prints a separate Kitchen Order for each ticket which is used to prepare that childs order.
  5. Repeat for the rest of the week.

Great Explanation! Thank you very much. Now I got what is going on there :slight_smile: Let me think about it for a while.

@JohnS after reading it once more I realized you found a great case for pre-order tickets. Really amazing. I’m excited to see how it will work after we implement these features. Thank you again.

Hello @JohnS, I’ve prepared a test release for you. I’ll be happy if you can let me know if it works fine or not.

Only for testing. Don’t use it on production. Click here to download.

** Uninstall Previous version.

###What is changed?

  1. Commands setting added to Ticket Lister Widget Settings. You can enter one automation command name per row and each row displayed as a command button. When you click a button it executes automation command and sets selected ticket ids (comma separated) as command value. So you won’t need to store ticket ids somewhere anymore. These commands also supports command confirmation settings. Here are the supported formats:
  • [Automation Command Name]
  • [Display Name]=[Automation Command Name]
  • [Display Name]=[Automation Command Name]:[Button Hover Color]
  • [Display Name]=[Automation Command Name]:[Button Color],[Button Hover Color]
  • Select All: If you name a command as Select All it wont execute a command but selects all tickets instead.
  1. Execute Print Job action accepts Ticket Ids parameter. If you pass a comma separated ticket Ids to this parameter it creates a dummy ticket that contains all orders from these tickets. That ticket does not contain any other merged information form tickets. Just orders. If you pass a single ticket id, it prints that ticket so you can use same action for single selection printing and multiple selection printing.

Sorry for the poor writing but I think you’ll get the idea. Please let me know if you need more info.

Thank you Emre. I will give it a go shortly.
By what you have described, I think you have hit the mark spot on.

John I’ve released 4.1.13. If you need additional changes I’ll release them on next update.


It works really well. The widget screen is great, and Kymberley is getting excited now :smile:

But, I am having an issue with the merging of orders with order tags.

  1. If the order tag item has a price, the orders are listed separately even if they are identical orders
    Example - Toasted is $0.10 extra
    1x Ham & Cheese.Sandwich
    * Toasted
    1x Ham & Cheese.Sandwich
    * Toasted

  2. If the order tag item has no price and the orders are identical then the orders are merged, but the order tag items are listed separately.

Example - Toasted is $0.00
2x Ham & Cheese.Sandwich
* Toasted
* Toasted

Is there any way we can merge these like
2x Ham & Cheese.Sandwich
* Toasted

PS - On screen keyboard is still not working on my Win8 Touchscreen Laptop. Works OK on my Win8 Tablet.

  1. fixed
  2. fixed
  3. Keyboard fixed.

Also I’m glad I finally succeeded on attracting Kymberley’s attention. I believe we passed an important milestone in SambaPOS history… I’ll note this somewhere :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for the same setup. Pre-orders, consolidated kitchen order and so on. Is it possible you give me a blank database with all these features please.