Price override from keypad

Morning everyone!

Am struggling with this having gone thru multiple different possibilities and just cannot quite work out how to make this work, if indeed it’s possible.

If anyone can either help me out or point me in the direction of forum posts I’ve missed, would be massively appreciated.

Essentially one of our bars has a happy hour where a particular category is priced “based on time of order”.

Normally the items in this group are £7 each. During happy hour they’re priced based on the time of order (so ordering at 5:55pm they cost £5.55 and so on) or occasionally just a random amount based on some game being played by the staff and customers.

Currently we achieve this by having two of each product, one priced at £7 and one as an open price item where the staff are prompted to enter the price.

In an IDEAL world I would like the workflow to be as follows:

  1. If the staff just hit the button it sells at its default price of £7
  2. If the staff enter a price on the keypad and THEN hit the button, the price is what was entered on the keypad (so if the staff enters 6.25 and then selected the item, it’s £6.25 instead of £7).

Anyone think this might be achievable?

You could use the change price button already included when you add the product to the ticket.
So add product enter price on keypad tap product and select change price.

If it is a time based discount your best option is probably implementing this tutorial Super Simple Happy Hour Price List

EDIT - just noticed your time based price :see_no_evil:

You could still use the above setup but reduce price to £1 then when you enter number on keypad it will be a multiple of £1 not good for tracking actual stock sold but would work.

What you actually want could be achieved automatically using a script to convert the actual time of order into price - what that script would be I’m not sure but there maybe already be something on the forum if you look deep enough.

Further thinking on this you could implement a pop-up keypad to ask price during the happy hour when product added to ticket.
Maybe using the above tutorial to constrain time and parts of this tutorial ( Rick's Tutorial 9 - Custom/Miscellaneous Item Button )to setup price change.

Ah that could be the solution you know - if during happy hour it uses the rule to prompt for price.

Will give that a go and report back!!

This doesn’t QUITE work.

I followed Rick’s tutorial as above but added a constraint of
{DATE:HHmm} Greater 1700
{DATE:HHmm} Less 1900

But even outside of those times it still gives the popup asking for a new price.

Hmmm, back to the drawing board

Did you change to match all?
Default match is or for identical variables, and on different ones.
Since both are date you’ll need and if you only want between times otherwise its always after on and before the other.

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Yeah I changed to Match All. I’m obviously missing something but I’ve just done duplicate items with open price for now and will come back to it later!!

Use a show message to show output of {DATE:HHmm}, or check if you have set format time to 24 hours in windows